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Expert cleaning without rinsing your bank account

Imagine never having to carry a pile of clothes down the high street again, or being free from the boredom of sitting in the launderette for hours.


Our on demand, laundry and dry cleaning service brings all the benefits of your traditional dry cleaner, but removes the hassle. Yes, our prices might be a little more than your local, but we think the added convenience and the time you get back is totally worth it.

Our prices vary by location, but collection and delivery is free. You can see a snapshot of our Central London pricing for our most popular products below. To see a full list of the prices in your area, pop your postcode into our postcode finder here.

Our services

Dry Cleaning & Ironed Laundry


We dry clean or process your item according to the care label. Clothes are returned pressed and on a hanger.

From £2.60 per item

Iron Only


In select locations we offer an iron only service for shirts and blouses. You wash and dry, we iron!

From £2.20 per item

Wash,Tumble Dry & Fold


We wash at 30C, tumble dry and then neatly fold your clothes. Perfect for everyday items.

From £15 for 8kg

Most popular products


2-Piece Suit

Washed, ironed and hung

From £12.20


Cleaning, pressed and hung

From £15


Washed, ironed hand-finished and hung

From £6

Hung Shirt

Washed, ironed and hung

From £2.60


Tea Towel

Washed, ironed and folded

From £2

Synthetic Pillow

Cleaned and dried

From £9.70

6-Piece King Bed Set

Bed sheet, duvet cover, 4 pillowcases, cleaned, ironed and folded

From £20

Super King or King Duvet

Cleaned, dried and folded

From £22


25 Hung Shirts

Washed, ironed and hung. Pre-paid credit for 25 shirts.

From £55

9 to 5

2-piece suit and 5 shirts, cleaned, pressed and hung

From £20

Dress 2 Impress

2 dresses, cleaned, ironed and hung

From £20

High 5

5 shirts washed, ironed and hung

From £12