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The Washing Machine is Broken! Panic Has Hit!

Dryers and washing machines can be found in almost every home. When it comes to taking care of your dirty laundry, there is hardly anything more time and cost-saving than washers and dryers. Having this equipments brake or become out of action can have a big impact on your life and create a lot of difficulty. If you have a broken washing machine, it is a good idea to give professional repair servicemen a call and get the problems fixed.

Common Problems in Washing Machines

Unfortunately, most owners fail to understand when their washers develop snags and are on the way to go out of work. The following are some of the common problems in washers you should keep looking for:

-Blown fuse

-Broken thermostat

-Faulty heating element

-Water leaks

-Water not draining

-No agitation

-Loud noises

-Inconsistent temperature

-Broken spin cycle

Any of these issues can be indicative of bigger underlying problems, and it is important to call up professional repairmen if you lack the tools and knowledge to fix them.

There is a Solution While You Wait

Laundrapp can help

Laundrapp offers a simple and affordable laundry and dry cleaning delivery service. You can order your whole weekly wash from your phone in seconds and we will collect and deliver you clothes at times of your choosing.

Don’t let the washing pile up while your washer is broken, let Laundrapp help while you focus your energy on fixing the machine.

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