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Yes, we can! If you happen to have a concierge, reception or porter available at your address and they are able to receive orders, please leave a note in the app under ‘Delivery Notes’ when placing your order. If your order was placed on our website or has already been collected, you can contact our customer care team via email (customercare@laundrapp.com), live chat, and soon via phone, and we’ll be able to leave instructions for our agent on your behalf. 

However, if there does happen to be any issues, then the agent will try and give you a call. 

Nope, we’ll provide our own Laundrapp laundry bags when we arrive. A blue bag for Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold and a black bag for dry cleaning, items that need to be washed according to the care label, or or laundry that needs to be ironed. 

All you’ll need to do is ensure your Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold items are in a separate pile to your dry cleaning items on collection.

If you’re leaving your garment with a concierge/at reception, just attach a note to explain which items are intended for which service.

Feel free to ask your driver to leave Laundrapp bags for your future orders.

Don’t worry, we’re experts!

If you’re unsure, just place the items in the black dry cleaning bag and we’ll clean in accordance to the care label. If your item doesn’t have a care label, we’ll clean the item in a manner we think is appropriate. In instances where there is no care label, please note that you’ll be waiving liability from Laundrapp in the rare chance that damage should occur.

TIP – This is where ‘skip items selection’ comes in handy. The feature allows you to provide items on collection without specifying these items in the app. We will then update your total order value at our cleaning facility. Your order update will be emailed to you.

All your garments are protected under our 72-hour Quality Guarantee policy, which means if you’re unhappy with how your items have been cleaned, simply let us know within 72 hours and we can organise a free re-clean.

Pre-paid bundles allow you to pay in advance for a specific type of item in bulk (e.g. 100 shirts), and at a discounted rate. This doesn’t mean washing 100 shirts in one single order – we’ll just give you a credit allowance of up to 100 shirt washes, which will automatically deduct from your orders until all 100 washes have been redeemed.

It’s possible to use several pre-paid vouchers at a time. You can also see how many credits you have left right on the app.

(Please note, bundle availability can vary depending on your location).

We have partnerships with dozens of expert cleaning facilities across the UK. All cleaning partners are carefully selected and go through a vigorous inspection process. We have close relationships with all of our cleaning partners and work together to bring you the best service possible. 

Bio vs non-Bio detergent

Bio detergents contain enzymes which are effective at cleaning stains such as starch and fat found in food and sweat, however non-bio is gentler and better suited for sensitive skin or those with young children. As such, we use non-bio as standard for all laundered items.

What chemicals and detergents do you use? Can I make a request?

We typically use industry grade fabric softeners. However, because these products are poured straight into our high-tech machinery in bulk, intelligently measuring detergents and softener portions; we, unfortunately, cannot take requests.

This machinery helps us save waste and operate a much more environmentally friendly service.

We collect payment once we start cleaning your clothes, and by this time you should have already received an order update from our facility via email. Card payments are processed via the highly secure platform, Checkout.

You may see two charges to your card – rest assured, the first charge is a pre-authorisation check to make sure payment is possible. We’ll only take payment once, and any pre-authorisation will be refunded immediately.

Please note, we aren’t able to create direct debits or regular orders. All orders will need to be created by the customer through the app. 

Yes we do! Laundrapp Rewards scheme means every time you complete an order, you’ll receive a digital stamp at the bottom of every order completion email. Once enough stamps have been collected, we’ll send you a reward voucher. You can find out more about this here.

If you’ve forgotten your reward code for your next order or would like to see if you have any vouchers left to use, feel free to get in touch with our customer care team via live chat, or by emailing customercare@laundrapp.com.  

Your clothes are in safe hands and cases of missing items are extremely rare – but we understand it’s a natural point of concern.

We have strict procedures to follow if our customers are missing items. In this unlikely event, we will carry out a full investigation to find out what happened. Please email customercare@laundrapp.com  to report the issue, with further details and pictures of the item, if available. Please note that we’d require customers to get in notify us  within one week from the delivery date

At the end of the investigation, if we aren’t able to locate your items, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our compensation policy. Please refer to the T&Cs for more details.

At Laundrapp, we take care of each and every item that we wash, regardless of the service.

However, with our Premium service your clothes will get the VIP treatment. Your shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses and coats will be handled individually by our experienced senior spotters, looking after even the most delicate buttons and fabric detailing. Once fully cleaned, we’ll deliver your clothes in our finest protective packaging. Our Regular service is great for your day to day laundry, our Premium is perfect for those special occasions.