How To Take Care Of Your Suit

how to take care of your suit

You can rarely go wrong with a suit but in order to impress, your suit needs to be tip-top.

Considering how important and costly suits are, it’s even more important you look after it. But you can breathe a sigh of relief, we’ve talked to our experts and with their help, we’ve created a guide to help you figure it out.

The basics

You really need to get the right size, and more importantly get it fitted by one of the retailer specialists when you buy the suit.

For starters, you’ll feel incredibly comfortable, but getting the right size will ensure you avoid any unnecessary pressure on the suit, that might cause stretches, and even worse, rips.

It’s also worth noting that you will want to avoid using the internal or external pockets, as over time it will change the shape of your suit.

Quality over quantity

We all have basic clothes, but this simply can’t apply for suits. They last longer, is easier to take care of and a crisp suit always leaves a lasting impression.

Better to have one or two good suits than six mediocre ones. It will save you a lot of money in the long run as well.

Brush it

Invest in a garment care brush and use it. You should brush your suit after every wear, to make sure you get rid of all the dust, food particles and dirt that accumulates during the time of wear.

Hang it

It’s a no-brainer that a suit needs to be safely stored in your closet. Make sure you hang it as soon as your finished with it and even if it’s 2 AM and you are utterly exhausted, don’t leave it on the floor, you’ll regret it in the morning.

Make sure you use a thick hanger with rounded edges to make sure it keeps its shape. Moreover, make sure it is not squeezed between your other clothes, it needs to be able to breathe.

Press it

Use a steamer. It prolongs the life of a suit compared to a classic iron that is more likely to burn the material.

Looking after suits might seem a little extreme, but you’ve got to trust us on this. Now you’re clued up on your suits, make sure you keep on trend with your autumnal/winter shoe wear.