13 Fashion Faux Pas Men Make And Women Hate

It’s been said that your stylistic choices say a lot about you as a person, and if that’s true, a lot of men have some explaining to do.

While we’d like to live in a bubble of free judgement, that’s not reality. And what you wear plays a criminally large part in how you’re perceived by others, especially women.

Fashion will always be subjective, but we’re hoping these pointers will ensure you never make these faux pas again…

1. Flip flops

If you’re not within a 100-metre radius of a beach then men should never EVER wear flip flops.

But, If you’re somehow brave enough to flash those piggies outside the beach/pool environment at least make sure you’re feet are nicely prepped. Nothing turns a woman’s stomach more than ungroomed feet.  

2. Fashion jewellery

Keep things very simple, either a watch, tiny earrings or even your wedding band. Once people start comparing you to Russell Brand in the jewellery stakes, then you might want to tone it down. 

3. Leather trousers

The cardinal sin – it’s as bad as women who wear pyjama bottoms to do their weekly shopping. Under no circumstances are you to ever buy a pair or leather trousers, faux or genuine.

4. Short shorts

If it looks like you could be wearing your missus shorts then you’ve gone too far. Christiano Ronaldo might think he looks like a stud – but he doesn’t. The truth hurts. 

5. Wearing hats in warm weather

It makes you look like you smell bad.

6. Ripped clothing

We know, you’re following the trend. But if your jumpers are covered in holes and your tops are barely being kept by a thread then it’s time to re-think your style. You’re spending valuable money on ripped clothes to then catch hypothermia.

7. Ugg boots

For women, Uggs are the holy grail of all boots, the sheepskin-lined pair are a one-way ticket to lazy-ville. But, when men wear them, well, it’s so distressing we start to question the meaning of life.

8. Slogan t-shirts

I’m yet to know any woman impressed by a cocky slogan top. Bin them all. Now.

9. Baggy jeans

How old are you again? That’s right, old enough to know better. 

10. Shiny suits

At the time it seemed like a good decision but the problem with a shiny suit is you come across like a dodgy Las Vegas dweller.

11. Super deep v-neck

Unless you want to show off your man cleavage in public this is a no-go. Keep what your mamma gave you to yourself.

12. Childish belts

Belts are made to keep your jeans in place, not to re-enact your Batman fantasies.

13. Socks and sandals

Have you ever seen anyone pull this off and look half decent? No, I didn’t think so.

How many are you guilty of?

Regardless, you’ll know what faux pas to avoid for the rest of your life. Next stop – clothes, find out if you’re doing one of the 14 things that are ruining your clothes.

Words by Natalie Gomez