Meet Your Laundrapp Agent – Vladimir

laundrapp-agent-vladimirLaundrapp Agents are usually busy rushing from one collection to the next, which is a shame because we’re really proud of our handpicked team and think it would be great if they had time to chat. That’s why we’ve been sitting down with our best Agents recently, so you can get to know them better.

This time, meet Vladimir, one of the very sweetest and most lovely agents in London!


Who are you? What do you enjoy most about being an Agent?
Hi! My name is Vladimir and I’m originally from Bulgaria. I love being an agent for Laundrapp because I love being on the go and meeting new people. Right from my first interview for the job I’ve been amazed with the positive attitude and professional environment in the Laundrapp team. I love this company and I’m glad I’m part of the Laundrapp family!

What’s the funniest experience that you have encountered during your shift?
During the shift we have many funny situations, but sometimes we’re so rushed it can be hard to remember all of them!

I remember this one guy though. He was waiting for me on the street and wanted to take a photo of me near my van. The whole situation was so funny to me because he was so polite and constantly giggling about taking my photo in the street. I felt like a superstar!

What’s the most embarrassing experience that you have experienced during your shift?
One time I had a delivery on the 23rd floor and the elevator I had to use was very posh, with glass walls. Unfortunately, I’m very afraid of heights and on my way down there was a girl in the elevator with me. I was pretty embarrassed because I was trembling all over and had to grab the handles by the door, because it was the only side which was solid! I don’t know if she noticed, but I was pretty ashamed!

What are your favourite tunes to listen to when you’re out on the road?
I’m actually a big romantic at heart, so I love listening to Soul, RnB and Blues. Favourite artists? Gary Moore, Chris Rea and Boyz II Men!

What’s your favourite food to eat on the road?
In the beginning I used to eat sandwiches, but I recently got back in the gym. Now I’m having protein bars instead – about two or three per shift.

Where’s your favourite place in London?
London is the only place I’ve been which so successfully combines busy roads and calm parks. If you walk somewhere for five minutes then it can feel like you’re going from New York city to some small countryside village in Italy! That’s what I love most about London – it’s so varied and charismatic.

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