Meet Your Laundrapp Agent – Mihai

maihai-laundrapp-driver-agentLaundrapp Agents are usually busy rushing from one collection to the next, which is a shame because we’re really proud of our handpicked team and think it would be great if they had time to chat. That’s why we’ve been sitting down with our best Agents recently, so you can get to know them better.

This time, meet Mihai, one of our very best and most knowledgeable agents in all of London!

Hi Mihai! What do you enjoy most about being an Agent?

I’m Mihai and I’m from Romania! I think the thing I enjoy most about being an agent is that this is a job where I can help others, which is something I’ve always enjoyed. I love making people smile!

What’s the funniest thing that you’ve seen during your shift as a Laundrapp Agent?

I remember one day, a customer stopped me and started asking me all sorts of questions about the app. He asked me so many questions about the system we have built as a company that he made me late for the next customer. The funny thing is that he didn’t want me to go afterwards – he invited me over a coffee! I felt sorry I had to refuse him, but I hope he understood the situation I was in. I had to make the next order in time!

What’s the most embarrassing experience that you’ve had during your shift as a Laundrapp Agent?

I remember one embarrassing situation that was really awkward for me. There was this one customer who dressed like a man but was actually a lady. I met her at the door and didn’t realise, so I said “Hello sir!” She laughed really hard at me when she saw how embarrassed I was to have made that mistake and I rushed back to the van to hide my blushing!

What are your favourite tunes to listen to when you’re out on the road?

I usually listen to Kiss FM, but I always start my day with a song called “Victory” which motivates me to be the best!

What’s your favourite food to eat on the road?

I usually eat a lot of burgers and sandwiches, which my girlfriend makes at home. When I’m in the mood to change the menu, I eat fresh fruit and drink a lot of water to keep me fresh and keep my energy up during a night shift.

Where’s your favourite place in London?

I’ve only realised since I started working for Laundrapp, but London is a really great city to live in. I didn’t know that before I saw all the different parts of it! The parts I like most are Clapham and Ealing. There are kids everywhere there and they feel like really fun places. I hope one day soon to move either to Clapham or Ealing.