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Life Hacks For Busy Moms

We’re excited to share with you 6 simple yet effective hacks to help busy mums juggle work, parenting and running a household inspired by our guest blogger and influencer Lydia Epangue, a beautiful mom of little Leslie.

Happy Friday people! Hope you’re feeling psyched and ready to have a productive weekend. I know I am ? Just got back from holiday a few weeks ago (need to blog about that!) and settling back into my work/life routine in has been a real back to reality struggle for me. But I make it work. And these are some of my go to life hacks or shortcuts that get me through:

Lydia Influencer wipes

Always carry a pack of wipes!?

1. Total Wipe Out – This is imperative even for non-mums. ALWAYS carry a pack of wet wipes. They come in very handy to say the least. On a scale of ‘ridiculously high’ to ‘is this a trick question’: What are the chances that as a new mum you’ll be covered in baby sick, saliva, food pellets, breast milk, etc? You guessed it. Outrageously high. Stay fresh. Always pack wet wipes.

2. Keep Calm and Press On – I used to enjoy getting manicures and pedicures. Now I can’t even find the time to file my nails talk less of booking a nail appointment! Even though I’ve never had my nails professionally done since I had my baby, I have found a few ways to keep my nails looking neat and pretty. Cue press-on nails. They are more popular now than ever. They look as good as professionally done nails. Invest in a quality pack of press-on nails and save yourself the time and money.

3. Cool Iron – Before I went back to work I had a lot more time to do chores like ironing. But no one really finds ironing fun, do they? If you’ve got something that needs a little ironing, but you can’t be bothered… simply throw it in the dryer with some ice cubes and it will knock the wrinkles right out of it!

Lydia Influencer lint roller

Lint roller is my saviour, really!?

4. Keep It Lint – Just like wet wipes, lint roll should always be with reach. Not only are they perfect for shooting out your coat in seconds but they’ll play a big role in picking up glitter, confetti and just about anything else that’s usually a pain to clean up.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Miss my holiday!?

5. Shop Smart – Bulk buying has never been more useful. Essentials like nappies are way cheaper when you purchase them in bulk. And trust me, you’ll run out pretty sooner than you think! Use every coupon you can lay your hands on. Sign up for free Prime trial and get your goods delivered same day at no cost. But remember to cancel it! Your new status as a parent also lets you in on more discount schemes. Take advantage of them all! Join the Boots Parenting Club; Argos offers new parents lots of discounts and freebies. Never check out with checking the Internet. Remember you can always save money.

6. Take a Laundry Break – Relax and let someone do the dirty job for you. Seek out companies that are dedicated to making your life easier by offering unmatched services like Laundrapp. They’re a laundry and dry cleaning service that collect and deliver so you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s unbelievable how much weight is lifted off your shoulders when you know your laundry has been handled. Get your wardrobe looking pressed and proper from as little as £2 per item. Plus they run a loyalty scheme so you’ll be saving money, saving time AND looking good. There’s nothing I love more than fresh laundry, especially if it’s all sorted and pressed ?

This article is with thanks to Lydia Epangue who blogs about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and busy mother’s survival tips. You can also visit her Instagram profile!

Written by Tom

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