Laundrapp and Team Exit

As you might imagine, we get all sorts of questions about how on-demand laundry works. Some are innocuous enough – ‘Do you dry clean wigs?’ – while others are a bit more worrying – ’Can you remove bloodstains? Asking for a friend’.

One of the strangest questions we’ve had though came when first-time customer Tom Johnson asked if we could rearrange his laundry delivery… to be taken to the pub.

Curiosity roused, we probed further and found out Tom had a pub quiz planned that night and didn’t want to let his team down by staying at home to collect his clean clothes. Naturally, we didn’t want to let Tom down either.

Laundrapp and Team Exit

In the end, Tom’s team didn’t quite claim the prize they hoped for and ended up 16th Place overall. But they did call themselves Team Exit and that cheered us up so much that we’ve sent them vouchers anyway – under the condition they use their reclaimed laundry time to focus on revision, obviously.

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