It’s Our First Birthday


Did you know today is our first birthday? That’s right, it’s been exactly one year since we first released Laundrapp. We only covered Central London back then, but we still set our sights pretty high. Remember when we declared war on all washing machines in the UK? Ah, those were the days.

We didn’t stay in just Central London for long though – we added Edinburgh and Birmingham to our coverage in just a few weeks and everyone from The Telegraph to the Edinburgh Herald had nice things to say about us. That’s how we got the ball rolling…

Fast forward to now and we offer on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services in over 30 new towns, cleaned over 600,000 clothes and we’re still growing more every single day. In short, it’s no wonder Trade Finance Global listed us as one of their Top Companies to Watch in 2016 today. And, yes, that was a lovely surprise on our first birthday.

So, yes, we’ve achieved a huge amount since launch – but we know we couldn’t have got this far without you. That’s why we’ve sent out some surprise gifts with many of our orders today – just a little something special to say thank you for all your support and help you celebrate in style. We would have sent out a piece of cake to you all instead, but we ate it all.

Seriously though, thank you for every single dirty shirt and sock. Your support means the world to us and, with your help, we know we’ll accomplish even more in 2016.