5 Things We Learned from London Fashion Week


Now that London Fashion Week is over a lot of people still wonder what is it really all about?

In simple terms, it’s an opportunity for designers to showcase their creations, for retail to decide what they want to sell, and for people everywhere to get inspired and catch up on the latest trends. Sounds good, right?

This year’s LFW has brought together big industry names, like Burberry, Charlotte Olympia and Paul Smith, as well as promising debutants, such as Florian London, Matar and Ryan LO.

So, what have we learned from this Spring / Summer 2017 Fashion Week?

The 80s are still in, but the 70s are smoothly taking over

There’s an obvious come-back of the 70s, featured at Erdem, Henry Holland and Mary Katrantzou. Designers showcased vibrant colours, suede and velvet pieces as well as the signature 70s loose bottom tight top look. For a casual chic look, Laundrapp suggests to combine the pieces bravely, but tailor the style to your own features.

Shades of Tan

A staple colour of 70s style and an autumn special is of course tan.  Trousers, knits, skirts, coats, jackets and even bags and shoes look great in a variety of shades from muted khaki to soft camel, so you should have no trouble finding your favourite piece.


Another trending colour is red, for both men and women. Dare to wear it in all forms and tones. However, if red is not your colour, don’t worry, sky blue is totally in as well!

Bomber Jackets

A fashion week favourite, the Bomber Jacket, as showcased by Topshop Unique, Markus Lupfer and Burberry, can be worn in conservative black and navy blue tones or in more adventurous vivid colours and patterns. Combine it with streamlined pieces to bring together any fun outfit or smart casual look.

Last but not least, plain can be interesting

Single toned outfits are in, which has been demonstrated by both designers and street style fashion icons. This can apply to anything from your office look to casual relaxed weekend wear.  However, if you want to add a bit of character to your look, bandanas were also trending this Fashion Week.

At the end of the day, remember to be true to your own style and sense of fashion, consider your own features and colours. Moreover, there is one fashion trick that always works: your clothes need to fit well and be freshly pressed. Laundrapp can always help you with that, with our on-demand dry cleaning service, that offers free collection & delivery across the country, 7 days a week.