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Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold

Let’s get ready to tumble!

There’s no fancy stuff here. We wash at 30C, tumble-dry on a medium heat and then fold your belongings ever so neatly, ready to be popped into your cupboard, suitcase or gym bag.

This simple, but laundered-with-love service, is ideal for casual clothing including undies, PJs and gym gear, so long as the care label allows them to be washed at 30C. We’ll separate your lights from your darks too so you can avoid those awful wash-day accidents. We charge by the bag (usually 6-8kg depending on your location) and anything above this amount will be charged as an additional bag.

Just imagine you’re a teenager again (or maybe you’re a teenager now, lucky you) and you’ve popped home to get your parents to do your laundry. Except, instead of having to go anywhere, we come to you, and instead of mum or dad, it’s a lithe Laundrapp driver dressed in blue. Chatting about your uni / work / love life to said driver is encouraged, but also completely optional.

Please note that towels and bedding are processed under our dry cleaning service as for best results, they should be washed at a high temperature and then ironed. Skip the laundromat and check out our postcode finder to see if our laundry service is in your area.

Drop these items in the blue laundry bag.

Our services

Dry Cleaning


We dry clean or process your clothing according to the care label

From £2.60 per item



For shirts and blouses we offer an iron-only service. You wash and dry, we iron!

From £2.20 per item

Wash,Tumble Dry & Fold


We wash at 30C, tumble dry and then neatly fold your clothes. Perfect for everyday items

From £15 for 8kg