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Iron Only

For the ironing bored

If you’re no whizz with an iron, it can take 5-10 minutes to get a completely crease-free shirt. And, despite all your best efforts, it just doesn’t look as good as when an expert does it.

That’s why in some areas we offer an iron only service for shirts and blouses, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You wash and dry your items, then palm them off to us for the fiddly part.

You might notice there’s a difference in price between shirts and blouses. We define a blouse as a top that can’t be processed on a shirt pressing machine (either due to the way it’s tapered or if it’s made from more delicate materials).

Blouses take a little longer to process and that’s why they cost a bit more. Our cleaning experts will determine which is which when carrying out the ironing service.

To see if our ironing service is available in your area, go to our postcode finder or press Order Now, and put in your postcode.

Show your driver which items are iron only.

Our services

Dry Cleaning


We dry clean or process your clothing according to the care label

From £2.60 per item



For shirts and blouses we offer an iron-only service. You wash and dry, we iron!

From £2.20 per item

Wash,Tumble Dry & Fold


We wash at 30C, tumble dry and then neatly fold your clothes. Perfect for everyday items

From £15 for 8kg