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Dry Cleaning

For the ironing bored.

If Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold is the homely, no-frills option, then our Dry Cleaning service is for when you need a professional touch that can’t be replicated at home (plus, you could be using the saved time to perfect your dumpling making skills instead!). Here’s a list of what we’d include in this category:

  • Dry clean only items – usually required for delicate materials or garments with beading and sequins ( check the care label!)
  • Items that should be cleaned at a higher temp than 30c like TOWELS and BEDDING , that need a hotter wash to help get rid of icky germs and bad bacteria
  • Items you’d like pressed or ironed after cleaning

Basically, anything that requires a little extra care and attention, and wouldn’t go in a standard 30C wash, would be processed within our dry cleaning service.

If you’re not sure which is the best cleaning option for an item, DON’T PANIC. Pop the item in the black bag and we’ll check the label before we process it, or, if there’s no label, our experienced cleaning maestros will use their expert knowledge to choose the best possible method. Our postcode finder will tell you in seconds whether you’re covered – why not check it out?

Show your driver which items are iron only.

Our services

Dry Cleaning


We dry clean or process your clothing according to the care label

From £2.60 per item



For shirts and blouses we offer an iron-only service. You wash and dry, we iron!

From £2.20 per item

Wash,Tumble Dry & Fold


We wash at 30C, tumble dry and then neatly fold your clothes. Perfect for everyday items

From £15 for 8kg