Customer Rewards | Laundrapp

If we could, we’d give you an enthusiastic slap on the back to show our gratitude for your ongoing loyalty.  As that’s not practical (and might lead to a lawsuit), we decided a better option would be to send you regular discounts instead. The more you use Laundrapp, the more you save.

It’s easy to be rewarded. There’s no sign up process and a voucher code lands directly in your email inbox each time it’s unlocked. Check out how this works, below.

How does it work?

Place an order

Book in via the app or website as usual. There’s no need to fill in any forms or sign up.

Check your inbox

Once your items have been collected, we’ll send you your receipt and your stamped loyalty card.


We’ll stamp your digital card each time you order and confirm how many stamps you need to unlock the next reward.


We’ll reward you with regular discount codes of up to 25% off, to use on future orders.