Wrapping It Up After the Wedding

You’ve spent months, years even, planning the wedding of your dreams, ever since you paraded around your bedroom wearing your Mum’s heels and a tea towel on your head (nobody mentioned you looked more like a shepherd than a bride). Or maybe you are a power planner and had the entire thing planned and executed within a few weeks. Either way, it all leads up to that one day, and once it’s over, that’s it. Well… not quite.

The hard work doesn’t stop when you say ‘I do’ (some would argue that’s when it starts, but now is not the time for cynicism); there are still jobs to take care of once the confetti has blown away.

Wedding dress, Wedding suits, tuxedo
Mr and Mrs Hanghook

Dress to Impress

In future years that is. You might want to pass your wedding dress down to your daughters or wear it again for your 25th anniversary, or even just take it out now and again to reminisce, but whatever your plans for it, it needs to be cleaned professionally. It is tempting to just bundle it up in a bin bag with plans to do it after your honeymoon, but honestly, if you don’t do it straight away it will become one of those ‘one-day’ jobs.

For anything other than the dress (which will need specialist care), there is a perfect solution. Get your dry clean only suits, bridesmaids’ dresses, and other items picked up, cleaned, and dropped off again with Laundrapp. Simply go online (or use the nifty little app), book a collection, and it’s done! You are even brought bags so you don’t have to worry about packing it all up, and your crisp, clean items are returned back to your doorstep when the job’s complete. It’s like your very own laundry genie!

Take Note So You Can Send a Note

One of the best parts of the after-wedding lull is opening the pressies. Make an occasion of it – settle down with a glass of bubbly, or a good old cuppa, and a notepad. Then, as you open each present you can write down who gave what. Once the boxes and wrapping paper have been chucked in the recycling, you can sit down and write your thank you notes without having to remember which guest gave which gift. If you’ve had a big wedding, there will be a lot of cards to write, so doing it this way (instead of when each gift is opened) means you can do it in batches and take a break in-between!

Wedding gifts, presents, thank you
“Thanks for the toaster…”

An (Ex)Change is as Good as a Rest

Whether or not you had a gift list, you will still receive duplicates. The days of six toasters and three bread bins may be long gone, but there will always be someone who buys the same thing as someone else. If you know where the gift was bought, bring it back as soon as possible and see if you can exchange it for something else. Chances are you won’t have the receipt (and you won’t want to hurt the giver’s feelings by asking for it), so it might not be possible, in which case try selling it on eBay, and use the money to buy something you do need for the house.

Focus on Your Photos

Whether or not you had a professional photographer at your wedding, there are going to be many informal photos taken of your big day. Most of these will be digital, so it’s easy to store them on your computer and share with friends and family. But nothing beats having an actual photo album to hold in your hands (and a photo album is far easier to pass around than a computer!). Choose a really special album, and then print out the best pictures to put in it. If you have a printer at home which produces good quality, then great. But if not there are plenty of places that can do it for you and they only cost a few pence each. Do it as soon as you can because if you don’t, you never will!

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Or in this case, a sold-on decoration gathers no dust! All weddings have a theme, whether it is merely a colour scheme, an era, or even a film. There is no point keeping 50 centrepieces, 200 polka dot ribbons, or a load of Mason jar candle holders. Keep one as a memento, sure, but sell the rest. The days of the bride’s parents coughing up for the entire day are gone – the expense is much more likely to fall to the couple themselves, so there are always people looking for wedding décor on a budget. Sell the lot as a set and not only will you be helping out another couple, but you’ll have some money to put towards something else.

Pheobe, Friends
Oh, Pheebs

A Rose by Any Other Name

If you are going to change your name, do it as soon as possible. Notify banks, DVLA, tax office, your employer and the passport office (although this one will probably have to wait until after the honeymoon if you’re going abroad). Of course, you don’t have to change your name at all, you can keep it as it is, double-barrel it, or your husband can change his name to yours. It’s probably best not to go as far as Phoebe in ‘Friends’ though – Princess Consuela Banana Hammock might raise a few eyebrows.

It pays to take care of the minutiae after your wedding. Get them out of the way as soon as you can, and then take some time together, just the two of you. Before you know it, you’ll be planning your first anniversary!

This article is with thanks to Linda Firth, who runs the Lifestyle blog at LoveMyVouchers.co.uk, where you will find money saving tips and advice on weddings, photo prints, and all the other items you need for your post-wedding tasks.

For more information on a dry cleaning service that comes to your door, visit the Laundrapp FAQs page. You can download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.