What does Smart Casual mean for a Woman?


From Casual Friday in the office through to a professional breakfast briefing, there are plenty of occasions in modern living where you might be asked to dress in ‘smart casual attire’. There’s just one problem – nobody is really clear what that means.

Dressing smart casual for men can be pretty simple – chinos, open-necked shirt, suit jacket, don. Yet, for women, choosing something that’s formal-but-not-too-formal can be a real hassle. Thankfully, we know exactly how to pull off the smart but laid-back look…

Keep it simple

If you’re not sure exactly what to wear, the best advice is to keep it simple. That means one or two colours, with style layered in through accessories. Avoid outlandish heels, cocktail dresses or anything too bright or frilly – but make sure it’s something you’re comfortable in.

Quality matters

This goes for men and women both. No matter what you decide to wear you should try to invest in quality and make sure your clothes are well maintained. You can get by with something from a Primark sale sometimes, but not if it’s creased and dirty!


Accessories are where you can consider adding a splash of colour or personality to an otherwise dull blouse and tailored trouser combo. Even just adding a nice necklace or pair of earrings can enliven an outfit without making it too casual.

Keep footwear simple

Smart casual attire is usually for professional events, so you should consider wearing the same sort of shoes you may wear in the office. Wedges and open-toed shoes are a possibility for more casual outfits, but we’d recommend flats usually. Either way, avoid sandals.

Still not sure about what to wear? A simple dress and belt combination tends to work well for all sorts of events, but only if your dress is clean and well pressed. Don’t worry – we can help you with the second part, so order dry cleaning online today!