Top Tips to Travel SMART!

Everyone knows the SMART acronym but can you apply it to preparing for your getaway?

Summer holidays are quickly approaching, and you’ve taken care of your trip itinerary, accommodations, travel fare, visas, insurance, vaccinations, foreign currency, even brushed up on your FreGermaItaRussiSpanish that’s been dormant since you left uni or, perhaps, learned few basics in Nahuatl/Nepali/Norwegian (choose the right one), and now you can hardly wait to take off. But what have you done to ensure that your clothes don’t arrive in a jumbled mess?!

Find out if you can check all the boxes opposite the acronym letters!

bag size travelling blog
Ideally, you should fit into the bag?

Specific, or in our case ‘Structure your packing’

Having, obviously, first checked with your airline/carrier what size of the bags are accepted, you need to choose the right luggage. The most important is to use quality and easy to use luggage that will protect your clothes and help you move easily from point A to point B. Use luggage that has many compartments for the things you need on your trip to keep you organised.


Measurable, or in Laundrapp context ‘Minimise your luggage’

According to a survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Laundrapp in May, 67% of Brits (56% of men and 74% of women) always or sometimes overpack when they go on holiday¹.

So, the lesser luggage you pack, the lighter you will be travelling – keep it minimal, only taking what you need on your trip. A carry-on is the best piece that you should ideally take, especially if you are going to travel on cheap. They are easy to carry in public transports, to and fro hostel rooms and much more efficient to move around. Mix and match clothes so that you don’t have to carry a lot.

Achievable, or we interpret it as ‘Accomplished traveller’

checklist travelling blog
Everything. Just pack everything!?

A good traveller is a well-informed traveller, so do research the weather before and pack for the season, making sure to take layered clothing as it goes well for all seasons and you can add or subtract warmth as necessary. This will save you from a sudden blizzard in the Sahara desert, guarantee!

Also, creating a simple packing checklist will not only save you a lot of money when you don’t have to buy an item you left at home, but will also save you in situations when you can’t even buy what you need. We’re not scaring you, but yes, there are things you can’t buy abroad! Using apps like Simply Pack+ will substantially make your preparations easier that you’d envisaged.

Realistic, or in Laundrapp’s style ‘Roll your clothes, trust us – it’s better!’’

Instead of folding and stacking your clothes, roll them! Many underestimate this essential packing tip and prefer to stack their clothes without realising that it is a unbeatable space-saver and one of the essential packing tips for a trip, as it also prevents the clothes from wrinkling. Tune in to our YouTube channel, if you need a visual advice on how to do it:

Timely, read ‘Time matters’

However you pack your clothes, it’s inevitable that they will get a little crumpled during transit, so be prepared for that and first thing you simply must do when you arrive at your holiday destination is immediately hang garments on hangers so they can relax and not wrinkle any further.

wrinkled clothes travelling blog
Suffering from iron deficiency?! Laundrapp is what the doctor ordered?

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, hanging clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot steamy shower should help smooth out your garments. Also, if you carry with you a hand-held steamer, using it is another way of getting any wrinkles out.

Finally, remember that traveling smart is great, and if you haven’t done it before, then our tips will certainly help you take a strategic approach to packing, so that your clothes come in your luggage wrinkle-free and ready for holiday fun. Now, cheerio, have to dash to the x-embassy to submit my visa application, and bon voyage!?

Oh, should you have some packing tips, share them with us here and on our social channels!

¹ Only 13% of Brits use all the clothes they pack for holiday, and a quarter (25%) use less than half of their packed clothes
17% of those aged 55+ use all of their clothes packed, compared to 9% of those aged 16-24
12% of 16–25 year olds only wear a quarter of the clothes they pack