How to organise your home…fast

Organising things at home can make life easier, giving you peace of mind – as well as providing plenty of aesthetic pleasure.

How to organise my life and home

By organising your home, you’ll be better equipped to get your life in order. Nothing wastes time like searching for paperwork, clothes or books you’ve buried under piles of junk. Start your organisation by methodically going through each room in your home, whipping them into shape.

A desk organiser in your home office reduces clutter and makes it easy to locate important items.

Declutter your kitchen

To organise your house, consider the spaces you use the most. The kitchen is the hub of many homes and a great place to start. Worktops should be clear; remove everything but the essentials; clean out the fridge and cupboards, recycle empty pots, sending neglected gadgets and novelty accessories to charity; and rethink your storage – can you make more use of wall space? Or replace a cupboard with a pull out drawer for easier access?


Modern kitchen interior with nothing but the essentials on the worktops.

Streamline living spaces

Grab a box and walk the living spaces in your home: go through everything you see. What do you really need? What can you live without? Make sure everything in your living space has a home. If there are books, magazines, cushions and remote controls creating piles of clutter, find a place for them to live – or create one. Look at furniture too: do you use everything you see? Is there an unloved chair taking up precious room that could be used for clever storage? Or, is your empty bookshelf occupying an area that could allow you to have a home office? Taking time to make these decisions really pays off.

Trendy minimalist monochrome studio flat with clever storage.

Bathroom bliss

Most bathroom cabinets need a good clear out. Ditch products past their sell-by-dates (recycle any plastic or glass bottles if you can) and look out for duplicate products (do you really need bath bombs, bath salts and bath foam?) Once you know what you’re keeping, look for simple storage solutions rather than having all your toiletries and towels on display (bathrooms aren’t shops!) Caddies, mounted towel racks and rattan baskets all look better than crowded shelves and over-stuffed cupboards.

Clean and bright modern bathroom with simple storage solutions.

Getting on top of your laundry

When you’re organising things at home, getting on top of the laundry is one of the smartest moves to make. A speedy, high-quality laundry system helps to organise your space, as well as keeping the house – and your wardrobe – clean, tidy and efficient.  Eco-friendly, affordable and time-saving, Laundrapp will wash your laundry at 30C, tumble dry on medium heat, fold it and return it to your door from as little as £18.


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Johanna Payton

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