Top Five Apps For Doing Household Chores

It’s no secret that getting household chores done can be a struggle at times, so here are five of the best apps handpicked by us to make life a little easier for you, from cooking to cleaning; we’ve got you covered…


The best app for organising a family home, Chorma dishes out jobs to every family member and keeps track of who’s done what. It’s a great way to motivate kids to help out around the house, as the point-based rewards system lets you redeem your points for real-life prizes.


A whimsically wonderful way to get the boring chores in your life done, EpicWin lets you develop your character as you do more chores, furthering your progress in the in-app quest. This app can be used for any set of tasks, whether it is cleaning the house or working out. Set yourself goals and have your own adventure. Who knew doing the dishes could be so much fun?


An app that comes with all the household maintenance bells and whistles. BrightNest helps you make schedules, read articles – even learn some imaginative ways to clean your toilet. It starts by asking a series of questions in order to bring you the most relevant articles and tips to suit your needs. With different categories, you can choose to be creative, handy, green, healthy, or all of the above!


This little morsel is packed full of wonderful recipes for you to try out. No more wondering down the aisles of your local shop searching for that last ingredient! This app will order the necessary products for you and have them delivered straight to your door – leaving you plenty of time for other things in your life.

Unfilth Your Habitat

Possibly our favourite, this is for the person that just needs that little extra push to get their tasks done. This charming app will shout and swear at you to get your life in order! With built in challenge times and scheduled breaks, this is definitely the best motivational tool for those who want to get their houses back into shape. Be warned though – it’s not for the easily offended!

If none of these really do it for you, you can always download Laundrapp and have your laundry & dry cleaning taken care of!