The Suitcase Life: Living Fashionably on Two Wheels

London Fashion Week has just kicked off today! Many have just stepped off the airplane stairs and exited train stations yet look impeccable after their journey. Ever wondered if they know a secret how to look smart and keep their clothes cleaned and pressed when they’re on the move? Read this blog which will offer you some invaluable advice on just that!

Rachael Martin Influencer packing
Correct packing is essential!?

My recent move to London has proved pretty stressful. It’s feels like it’s been one thing after another. Finding a new house. Navigating new friendship groups. Trying to cope with the tube in the early AM. Of course, these things are only a pain initially, but since I’ve got into the swing of things, everything’s been great and I’m really enjoying how things are going. All except the tube which will, of course, never be in any way, shape, or form, great. Either way, one thing I’m enjoying is finally having the majority of my clothes in the one place. My months (almost a year) of interning involved facing some of the most painful dilemmas. How could I possibly turn up to an office brimming with the fashion elite when all I had to go by was a small selection of clothing from a suitcase? Stress. In any case, whether you’re planning to destress on a mini break, have to travel for a bit with work, or are lucky enough to be attending fashion week (!) I’ve finally sussed the ultimate tips that allow you to live fashionably out of a suitcase. Let us begin.

Be ruthless.

The key to packing fashionably is to be ruthless. This doesn’t involve packing the top you ‘might’ wear or that ‘might’ look nice. Oh no. Think your favourite outfit. The one you feel great in. For me, my casual, go-to outfit is my Breton tee and jeans combo. So, pack your own go-to outfit. Dress it up with a slick of lipstick if you have to. The key to dressing fashionably is about keeping it simple and unique to your personal style. Trust me, if you bring those on trend velvet skinny jeans as opposed to your fav Mom jeans you’ll regret it. Big style.

City trip outfit necessities?

Ok. Let’s make this easy. You’ve packed your go-to outfit. But now what? How to fake ‘cool’ when you aren’t cool – a la Man Repeller. Vintage Levi’s. A Breton stripe (I’ve got that one sussed thank goodness). Acne Boots. Ray- Bans. And a real (All Saints) leather jacket. This is the ultimate cool girl everyday outfit. Buy this, and everyone will want to be you. Effortless? Absolutely not. But will everyone think it’s effortless? Absolutely yes. And what about an evening outfit? A black silk drop hem dress teamed with a simple gold hoop earring. These are your staples. All you have to think about now, are ‘mix- and match’ items. Examples? A khaki jacket. A grey cashmere scarf. A soft cotton tee. A crisp linen blouse. Converse trainers. Espadrilles. Nude, pointed courts. All of these items can be mixed and matched to create a variety of stylish, simple outfits. And just like that, sussed.

And what about handbags?

Two small, one large. One of your small bags should be bright and colourful, the other should be soft and muted. Your big bag should be big. Like, really big. This is so you can fit all the extra clothes you’ve ended up buying on your trip because, let’s face it, Isn’t EVERY Zara you ever step into like, waayy better than your local one?

Rachael Martin Influencer handbags
A woman can never have enough… bags!?

Don’t show up creased.

One of my main roles as intern has been attending glamourous parties. No, seriously. As much as it involves brown tape and returns, fancy soirees are an actual thing too. And showing up creased, dirty, or rumpled is an absolute no, no. Enter one of my travel saviours, Laundrapp. I first heard of Laundrapp last year when the editor at the magazine I was working with, had me put in an order on behalf of her. The company came right to our office in central London, took her outfits away, then brought them back freshly pressed and laundered. I saw the same delivery man uncountable times that week, picking up and delivering delicate designer outfits to be worn on the FROW. It was then that I realised I’d found the secret behind the perfectly pressed clothes of fashion week. Having now built up a reputation for efficiency and effectiveness at a competitive price, Laundrapp goes a little something like this:

1. You Order by booking a collection online or on the app. They bring a bag.
2. They Collect free from your office or home.
3. They Clean with a Quality Guarantee on all items.
4. They Deliver your garments back to you, anytime, anyplace.

This easy process has been my saviour, not just for various fashion weeks, but at times where I’ve been stressed, stuck for time, or when I just want to spend more time…living. Whether I just want to relax in restaurants and cafes over a glass of sweet wine or just need to soak up the beautiful city sights, Laundrapp is there, ready to lift the weight off my shoulders – and the mountain of laundry lying on my floor…

Fold? No, roll!

So, you’ve received your freshly laundered pieces back from Laundrapp, but have now come across a dilemma. Perhaps you need to change your outfit mid-way through the day for an event, or maybe you’re moving to a different hotel. This is where how you pack comes into play. Rolling softer garments instead of folding helps minimise creases and wrinkles, whilst covering clothes with a dry-cleaning bag helps to preserve condition. Plus it’s way quicker than folding every piece.

Rachael Martin Influencer umbrella
Brolly is the best girl’s friend!?

And for the love of God…

Don’t forget your umbrella

So, there we have it, my little array of tips and tricks for living out of a suitcase, whether that be for work or play, or like me, somewhere in-between. If you’ve any of your own travel tips do let me know. I’d love to hear!

This post is in collaboration with Laundrapp, but all thoughts, views (and freshly laundered shirts) are very much my own.

This article is with thanks to Rachael Martin who blogs at The Breton Bird where you will find advice on fashion, lifestyle, beauty with affordable tag, and who has experienced first hand what it’s like to live out of a suitcase yet look great! Her tips are indeed amazing and we, here at Laundrapp, will definitely take them on board! Also, visit her Instagram profile