The Rise Of On-Demand Laundry Mobile Applications

Whether you have your own washing machine at home or visit your local laundrette, no one wants to have to spend more time than they need washing clothes.

It can be especially annoying when you only have a few things that you need to wash and don’t want to waste electricity and water to put these through the washing machine.

This is where on-demand laundry applications could swoop in to make washing your clothes a breeze.

What is an on-demand laundry mobile application?

An on-demand laundry mobile application is one that offers clothes cleaning, washing, folding and ironing in an all-in-one service – all through a customer’s phone.

These new apps are having customers say goodbye to traditional laundry services, and freeing up their time to spend doing the things they enjoy – rather than spending it doing laundry.

One of the companies leading the charge of on-demand laundry mobile apps is laundrapp. We’re here to offer a range of services that make laundry as simple and hassle-free as possible for all of our customers.

Find out more about what we offer today.

How do on-demand laundry services work?

On-demand laundry services have completely revolutionised laundry. No longer do customers have to travel to their nearest laundrette, put cash into a machine, and wait for their clothes to wash and dry.

Now the process has been simplified to the extent that customers don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own homes.

At laundrapp, we’ll bring two bags right to your door; one for the wash, tumble and fold service, and one for everything else.

Customers then just need to put all the clothes they want washing into the bag, one of our drivers will pick it up, then everything will get returned to them the following Tuesday.

Perfect for people who hate ironing

When you wash your clothes at a classic laundrette, you have to do everything yourself – which includes folding and ironing.

With on-demand laundry services, everything you could need is done for you. You hand in your dirty clothes and they’ll be returned to you, ready to be put back into your closet.

From clothes and towels to bedding and kitchen linen, anything can be cleaned by on-demand cleaning services.

You’ll also be charged by the bag, or by item, making it easier than ever to clean what you want, when you want.