Do you believe in the Laundry ghost?

Well, do you?!

Because we now have pretty sound evidence for any doubters out there. We’ve been warning you about doing your own laundry, we warned ya! And now the laundry ghost is well and truly pi**ed.

Below’s real footage from a home in the US, where police received a call from traumatised residents describing strange goings-on down in their laundry room. Before you think we’re overreacting and that it’s just a vigorously vibrating washing machine trying to shrug off everything on top of it – it’s not.

Viewer discretion advised. (No, seriously, someone explain.)

In fairness to the officer, I think we’d all 180 on the spot and get the hell outta there. No pile of lights is worth that terror – I’ll buy new lights.

But what could it have been?

aliens poltergeist night

A demon? A lost stranger from the ‘other’ world? Aliens? Does this sorta stuff only occur at night like in the movies or do they just devilishly move your detergents whenever they want? Is the paralaundry brigade worldwide? Are they muffling through your dirty laundry right now? *squeals*

If that’s not enough to put you off laundry for good, here’s a few more questionable laundry incidents.

samsung laundry washing machine recalled
“Yeah, no you’ll have to bring it back, mate”

The Galaxy Note 7 smartphone isn’t the only Samsung device which was recalled. Three MILLION washing machines were returned back to the electronics brand because of ‘impact injuries’.

Nine incidents were reported – including minor explosions, a badly injured shoulder, a broken jaw.

We also don’t encourage you to type ‘washing machine deaths’ on Google if you don’t wanna hear the countless stories of extremely incompetent parents.

Still plan on doing your own laundry? Then below’s a link to a scary, bloody-laundry, Scottish folklore about three girls called Bean Nighe. I’m here all week, folks.