The Laundroid

Now, considering the service we provide, we at Laundrapp probably shouldn’t be showing you guys this. But as Laundroid is only recently becoming available in Japan, we figured there’s little chance we’d see any UK citizens held up at Heathrow for trying to smuggle in a six-foot laundry folding machine.

Laundroid laundry folding robot
The Laundroid
Roomba, floor-cleaning robot
Roomba says “Hi”

Humans have dreamt of the days of leaving all their menial chores to robots, allowing us to free up hours per day and spend time doing stuff we love; like sleeping. Roomba consumers have already bid farewell to floor cleaning, with no cases of the robot machinery turning on its owner yet reported (YET).

Enter Laundroid – the world’s first (but not only, as you’ll see further down) laundry folding device. Japanese developers Seven Dreamers have teamed up with electronics giant Panasonic to rid the country of the, quite frankly, toxic time-consumer that is folding clothes. Seven Dreamers suggested the task takes up to 375 days of our lives – leaving us questioning our own existence, tbh.

OK, let’s get a bit more technical. The aesthetically stylish machine – which looks a little like a baby Transformer – is fitted with scanners which analyse your laundry to decide how to combat them (no washing/drying specs). After a furious, four-minute struggle, Laundroid arises as the victor, and the crumpled shirt in question abides to a submissive, folded way of living. (Until next week)

Laundroid laundry folding robot
Just look how happy it’s made this lady.

This homeware robot will be available to order in 2017, with delivery dates expected the following year. How much you’ll have to fork out for it is still undetermined, although, we reckon the figure will be somewhere along the price lines of £700-£1000, plus accessory add-ons. We know this because it’s the expected price of Laundroid’s nemesis – FOLDIMATE.

FoldiMate laundry folding robot startup

The San Francisco-born laundry folding machine of similar capacity was built by a tech startup. FoldiMate, like its rival, will be available to order and be delivered around the same period. However, the US version is claimed to be a much quicker, proficient robot than Laundroid, boasting to crush the leisurely time of four minutes. And it has Wi-Fi – obviously…

The downside to both robots? They’ve yet to figure out how to fold more complicated items such as linen, socks and underwear. But it’s still worth it, right?