The Future Of Laundrettes

No more than a couple of decades ago, laundrettes were a central part of our communities, but have they stood the test of time?

Although they were one of the few businesses that were deemed ‘essential’ over the course of the pandemic, many laundrettes have been struggling to maintain the customer numbers they had seen pre-pandemic.

In this blog, we’re going to be giving you an insight into what we think the future of laundrettes could look like, and how we see laundrapp fitting into this.

Laundrettes after Coronavirus

Since the pandemic hit, the number of people going down to their local laundrette has been in decline – mainly because there remains a lot of apprehension about being so close to other people, especially for older people who at more at-risk.

Many businesses are choosing to go against the ‘tried and tested’ strategies that brought laundrettes success and are now looking for innovative ways to remain profitable.

The rise of full-service competitors

We’re going to see a rise in the number of companies offering full laundry services where they take your clothes and handle the rest. You hand in your dirty clothes, and you’ll get them back washed, tumbled, ironed, and folded.

This helps customers cut down on the time and effort it takes to clean their clothes, and means they don’t have to sit and wait for their clothes to finish, they can even come back hours later if they needed to.

Consumers want the convenience of an on-demand service

Everyone wants their lives to be made easier, especially when it comes to their weekly washing.

The convenience of on-demand laundry services, like what we offer through our laundrapp mobile app, is going to be rising in popularity over the coming years.

With these services, customers can book in their cleaning per item so they can get their clothing cleaned whenever they need it – no matter how small or large the load is.

A place where people want to be

The final trend that we’re going to see is laundrettes changing from a quiet place, into places where people want to hang out.

There are places like Celsious, which opened in New York City, that offers full laundry services and an on-site coffee to keep people occupied while they are waiting for their clothes to finish.

Cafes, coffee shops, workspaces and other things to make the experience of going to the laundrettes could be the key to bringing people back into these buildings which have always been such an important part of our community.