10 Top Tips To Tackle Laundry Like A Pro

We talk a lot about looking after your clothes here: we’re in the business of keeping your clothes tip-top, after all. But sometimes it’s worth knowing how the tricks of the trade for yourself too, so you can deal with tricky laundry emergencies. That’s why we asked our elite cleaning team to share their top ten tips for doing laundry at home.

Vinegar Keeps Your Whites White

It’s an old trick, but it’s a good one according to our cleaning experts. Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your white wash and it will keep your whites sparkling like new.

Tea Keeps Your Blacks Black

Similar to vinegar for whites, add a cup of tea to your black wash rinse cycle and your dark clothes will hold their colour better. Don’t drink the water though!

Freeze Chewing Gum

What do you do when you get chewing gum on your favourite top? Our experts recommend giving it the cold shoulder in the freezer for an hour or so, after which you can peel it off.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Run a hot wash with your machine and empty a bottle of white vinegar in the drum. It will clean up any gunk inside the washing machine and result in fresher clothes in the future.

Put a Dry Towel in Your Drier

It may seem counterintuitive, but put a dry towel in with your wet washing when you put it in a tumble drier. It’ll soak up the excess moisture and dry your clothes faster.

Stop Washing Your Jeans

Water is not a friend of denim. Chuck jeans in the freezer to get rid of any funky smells instead – only wash your jeans when you’ve spilt something on them like a klutz.

Take Clothes Out Of The Washer Immediately

Taking your clothes out as soon as they’re done means no more damp smells in the fabric and no more humidity-loving mildew forming in the washing machine seals. Win-win.

Shrunken Clothes?

Soak shrunken clothes in a mixture of hot water and conditioner, then lay them out flat. The mix will loosen up the fibres and laying them out will allow them to regain their shape.

Washing Trainers?

The problem with running shoes in the wash is the noise as they bounce around – so knot the laces together and leave them hanging out of the door to ensure they behave.

Have a Checklist

Before putting anything in the washing machine make sure you check pockets for change and other bits. Then seal all of the zippers to prevent snagging and ripping your clothes.