Six Washing Machine Emergencies and How To Fix Them

Even if you follow every instruction and take every precaution, laundry mishaps can still happen all too easily. One bit of paper left in a pocket or one wrongly pressed button on the washing machine can cause no end of problems.

But worry not! Our collection of tips and tricks will give you a solution for some of common disasters you might have – and for everything else, there’s Laundrapp!


shrunken-jumper-unshrink-stretchHow to Unshrink Your Jumper

The key to saving any shrunken item is to act fast. While the jumper is still wet, put it in to soak with lukewarm water and a few teaspoons of shampoo. After a short soak you can stretch it back out before leaving it to dry somewhere flat in the shade. Bingo.


vanish-stain-remover-driedHow to Clean Off Dried Stains

Dried-in stains can be tough. Patiently scrape away whatever you can before soaking it and applying a catch-all stain remover. If you’re trying a new washing product then be sure to treat an inconspicuous area first.


red-socks-white-laundryHow to Get Clothes White Again

Left a red sock in with the whites? Pull the offending item out and re-run the wash cycle again immediately, and everything should be all white. For more severe cases, put a colour remover in with the wash cycle and repeat.

lint-roller-fluff-on-clothesHow to Clean Paper from a Washing Machine

Covered your laundry in fluff? Toss the entire load into the tumble dryer where the lint filter should take care of the problem easily. No tumble dryer? Grab the fluff off your clothes with a sticky lint roller from the Laundrapp store.


ink-stains-on-clothes-rubbing-alcoholHow to Remove Ink Stains

Pen exploded in the washing machine? T  ackle ink stains by dabbing them rubbing alcohol with a clean towel underneath. The ink will move through onto the towel, so keep moving the towel, then rinse the area off and don’t forget to wash the towel too.


crayons-wax-tumble-dry-wash-stainHow to Get Wax Out of Your Tumble Dryer

Toddler slipped a crayon into your tumble dryer? Use an old credit card to scrape off any melted wax, then take care of stains by spraying a soft cloth with WD-40 and wiping the drum thoroughly. Afterwards, wash with soapy water and dry some towels to test it out.


chewing-gum-on-clothes-extra-ice-freezeHow to Get Chewing Gum Off Clothes

Chewing gum on clothes can be a nightmare, but first off don’t try to wash it off in case the hot water congeals it further. Instead, freeze it and chip the gum off instead. If it’s particularly stubborn then you can use baby oil to loosen it up, then rinse and re-wash.