Tick Laundry off your to-do list – Forever.

We’ve all been there.

When you rush home from the office ready to relax after a hard day’s work only to find a pile of coloured, cotton rubble called laundry waiting for your attention.  You promised yourself it’d definitely be done by Sunday but it is still lingering on your to-do list like a bad smell.

Too much laundry.

But before you panic, try spending one minute on Laundrapp’s app.

It takes seconds to tap on the items of clothes you need washing, and book a collection and delivery slot – ridding that laundry and dry cleaning chore once and for all!  In fact, with Laundrapp you can save ten hours per month (studied average) on sorting, washing and ironing.

What’s Laundrapp?

Free laundry collection, cleaned to pristine condition, folded and ironed, and dropped back off at your doorstep in 48 hours. Leaving the age-old stress of laundry behind you for good, letting you concentrate on what really matters, like the emails you haven’t replied to, books you’ve fallen asleep reading, and that unused gym membership you promised you’d make the most of this year.

There you are. Laundry and Dry Cleaning at your doorstep.

Not bad for a free app? Join thousands of happy customers and download Laundrapp today.