Make More Wardrobe Space With These Simple Tricks

As Autumn looms and leaves fall from the trees, it’s time to stop and see if your overstuffed wardrobe is behaving the same way. Are there piles of clothes pouring out of it? Is it more of a floordrobe than a wardrobe?

If you answered Yes then it’s time to prune your clothes collection and create more space for next season – here are four simple tricks to give you more space in your wardrobe.

Out with the Old

bigstock-Cardboard-donation-box-with-cl-43469368Seriously, we weren’t kidding. You need to toss out your old clothes. The secret to curating a perfect wardrobe is to be both ruthless and impulsive. Immediately throw out anything you haven’t worn in more than six months, but put everything else aside and try it on before you make a decision. If something doesn’t feel comfortable or doesn’t fit, throw it out too.

But wait – you don’t just have to throw them in the bin! Donate them to a charity shop for good karma, or sell them on eBay for good money.


Buy a Shoe Hanger

minimalist-small-walk-in-closet-organize-ideas-and-solutions-over-the-door-clear-vinyl-shoes-organizer-storage-rack-clothing-hanger-iron-white-rail-walk-in-wardrobe-for-small-rooms-bedroom-coat-storNothing else is going to cost you a penny in this list, but if there’s one thing worth spending money on then it’s a shoe hanger. It will singlehandedly turn your once messy wardrobe into a monument of efficient clothes storage.

Seriously. Hang one of these babies over your wardrobe door and it’ll add extra storage in an instant. It’s not just for shoes either – we use ours for t-shirts, ties and even underwear. One of the best uses we’ve seen so far is using a shoe hanger to prepare a week’s outfits in advance.


Use Your Entire Wardrobe

tumblr_me08w7kNAH1qahugbHanging up your shirts, trousers or dresses is a no-brainer and using a shoe hanger gets you some points too, but for maximum efficiency you need to be using the entire wardrobe.

Got space underneath the wardrobe? That’ll do for shoes. That space at the bottom of the wardrobe? Bulky items like jumpers, sweatpants or cardigans can be folded up safely there. Space on top? Pile your winter coats there! You’d be surprised how effective it can be!


Hang Clothes Like a Boss

20130611-092847There are a bunch of little tricks you can do to get more space from your rails, such as cascading hangers by slipping a can ring-pull over the top of your hanger, allowing you to hang another hanger off of it. You can do this 1 or 2 times with each hanger, tripling your space for the price of a can of coke.

If you’re having trouble getting clothes to stay put on hangers then wrapping a rubber band around it will prevent them from falling off.