Leave Space For Summer, Store Wisely

If you’re like Tommy-boy, below, eagerly awaiting to see anything upwards of 20 degrees on your weather app, then you’ll also understand the rush to start planning ahead with all your packed-away summer wear.

However, this also means temporarily saying goodbye to your winter clothes. So, we’ll demonstrate how to do it properly.

First, let Tommy show you how it’s done

Hopefully, your wardrobe’s a bit more spacious than Tommy’s so you’ll have more room to box everything away properly, but this means committing to not hoarding your winter stuff at the fore “incase you might need them”. (We’re aware it’s hard for some…)

To start with, though, the small, breathable bag of lavender can work wonders amongst your garments. As mentioned in the video above, it’s antibacterial, antifungal and a natural moth repellent. You can order a small bag from £5.99 at The Garden Fragrance Company.

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Good smells

Now, the next part’s tricky… especially for you winter-hoarding especialists. ?

Donate anything you’re 95% sure of you won’t wear ever again, to charity. It won’t only free up space, it’ll clear you of the recurring seasonal headaches of whether or not you should keep it – and, of course, the garments will be received by those who need it more than you ever will.

Storage Time.

It’s crucial (and basically common sense) to put all your heavier, bulky items and clothing at the back/bottom. I’m referring to the winter wear, the big coats, jumpers, thermals and other knitwear.

The experts at Laundrapp recommend you loosely fold, with the lightest on top. Loosely – because your clothes need air to prevent the risk of mildew and mould. Avoid storing them in plastic bags which prevent air circulating.

Beware of hanging jumpers, too, as long-term hanging will eventually misshapen the material. Fold instead.

But, be sure to clean all the above before storage, as any remaining stains will only darken and become worse, leaving them more prone to insect residency. You’ll probably return to them in October and find a miniature civilisation like this (below) from Men In Black…

Men In Black, insects, storage, stains, clothes storage, wardrobe
“Come get your black bin bags”

Whether you can or can’t fit it into your wardrobe, choose freshly-wiped plastic boxes over cardboard to pack away storage. Though, the ideal option is an unused suitcase. Again, whatever you use, clean thoroughly as stains will only attract ?s.

If you do opt for mothballs over lavender, then you must be super cautious it’s way out of reach for young children or pets as the consequences can be deadly.

On a much lighter note, you’re now ready to hang and prioritise everything you expect to rock this summer. ?

Be sure to clean anything that’s been packed away for a while, ridding dust, insects and anything else that may linger in the darkness that is your wardrobe!

And, lastly, it’s good to check up on your items now and then and check there are no insect/mildew/mould issues.

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You can join Tommy-boy and watch more Laundrapp videos on our YouTube page, for more hacks and tips on how to treat your clothes!