Supporting Crisis: Homelessness Emergency Fund

Laundrapp has partnered with UK charity, Crisis, to collect funds for the homeless, and we’ll be adding 10% on top of every customer donation received.

During this difficult time, it’s more important than ever that we do what we can to support those in our communities who are vulnerable and less fortunate than us. Crisis is the homeless charity doing just that, and they’ve launched a new campaign, In This Together, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rachel Hevicon, Senior New Business Lead at Crisis, explains why this campaign is so important;

“People who are homeless are hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. But together we can get vital care to vulnerable people. It’s hard to protect yourself from the coronavirus outbreak when you’re homeless. People who are sleeping rough are more likely to suffer from respiratory conditions. They can’t wash their hands. And if someone is sleeping rough or in a crowded night shelter, it’s impossible to self-isolate.”


What is Laundrapp doing to help?

From now until the end of April 2020, Laundrapp will be collecting donations from customers on behalf of Crisis. You’ll see a new category called ‘Donate’ where you can add a £1 donation to your basket, when you order our most popular products. If you’d like to donate more, you can do so at the Virgin Money fundraising page. Laundrapp will then add an additional 10% on top of all donations received.

Man rough sleeping up against a wall on the street


What services is Crisis providing?

The Crisis frontline staff have adapted the way they work to support members during this time and will be focusing on three key areas:

Delivering essential services developed in response to COVID-19:
– Crisis is delivering care and wellbeing packages for people who have been sleeping rough or are in isolation. As well as hygiene essentials like soap and hand sanitiser, they contain nutritious foods like tuna and pulses, rice and pasta, and fresh fruit and veg. The wellbeing packs help individuals care for their mental health.
– They are collecting donations of unlocked phones and pay-as-you-go SIM cards to provide to members. This allows Crisis to continue to provide support when it’s not safe to do so face to face.
– Crisis Chief Executive, Jon Sparkes, has been working with Dame Louise Casey, the Government Rough Sleeping Tsar, to ensure hotel rooms are available to help people off the streets and into safety.

Offering emergency core grants to other homelessness services:
– Crisis is funding registered charities and local organisations to help them cope with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.
– Thanks to the generosity of supporters, the fund has increased from £250,000 to £1 million.
– The team has already delivered 50 grants across the UK.

Calling for governments to provide robust support for people facing homelessness:
– The charity is asking for funding for local councils so that they can provide temporary housing and care.
– The team is campaigning to ensure support is given to everyone who needs it, regardless of immigration status. We are only safe when these measures apply to everyone within our communities.
– Crisis is requesting longer term solutions for when the outbreak subsides


What can you do to support?

Thanks to the generosity of its contributors, Crisis is already helping 3,000 vulnerable people remotely and has been delivering welfare packs to numerous locations across the country. However, with an end to the lockdown not yet in sight, they need our support to keep going.

Any small donation that you can provide to help Crisis and their unsung heroes continue their valuable work, would be greatly appreciated. From now until the end of April, you can donate when you place your next Laundrapp order or via the Virgin Money fundraising page.

Man with a packpack walking into a Crisis centre


The Laundrapp Team

NB: This partnership is fully approved and endorsed by Crisis. Laundrapp will top up donations made by Laundrapp customers by 10%, capped at £150 per week. VAT will be paid on donations placed via the Laundrapp  app or website.