Top Tips: How to Wash Linen

Linen is a practical and stylish fabric, year-round. To keep your linen looking fresh and fabulous, follow these easy tips.


Read the label

If you’re wondering how to wash linen, the first thing you must do is to read the label.

Linen is a natural fabric, stronger and more durable than cotton but still breathable. Your linen clothes might be dyed or blended with other materials, and this will determine exactly how you should apply your linen care.

Most pure linen clothing can be machine washed, but if it’s blended, or has a trim or lining in a different fabric, it may be dry clean linen.


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In the machine

If your linen dress, shirt or trousers are machine washable, it’s best to choose a low temperature, or a cold wash, and a delicate (or hand wash equivalent) cycle.

When washing linen clothes in the machine, use a small load so there’s more water in the drum, allowing the clothes to move freely without getting tangled. Make sure the other clothes in the wash are a similar colour.


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Alternative linen cleaning

If your linen fabric has a loose weave, or is blended with another material that’s not machine washable, a hand wash may be more suitable.  

Use cool water and a gentle detergent, washing the clothes carefully in a bowl or bucket using a swishing motion: avoid scrubbing the fabric or wringing, as this can damage the fibres. 

If you have a linen suit or jacket, it could be dry clean only – check the label for guidance.


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Drying your linen

If your linen is machine washable, it might be suitable for tumble-drying, too. Use a low temperature and remove from the dryer while it’s still damp, so it doesn’t end up feeling stiff or rough.  

Finish the drying on a clothes airer, or the washing line. Alternatively, you could iron your linen while it’s still damp – but many linen pieces actually look good with the signature folds and creases of this fabric (even if you do iron linen, it’s likely that it’ll crumple again as soon as you put it on!) 


Linen laundry on the clothesline


Longer lasting linen

Whether you’re washing your silk or looking after your linen, leave it to the professionals.

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