How to Wash a Sleeping Bag…

Examining the data from the UK market, discovered that out of the 13.3 m ‘staycation’ (holidaying at home) trips people made in 2014, 25% of them were spent camping. Nice! And more and more people take up camping every year because it is one of the most cost-effective ways to spend quality time together in some beautiful scenery to recover from all the hustle and bustle of polluted cities.

Whether you are a camping virgin or re-unite with Mother Nature multiple times a year, you need to know how to wash your camping and hiking gear properly so that it can serve you for long.

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Ah, the great outdoors

Sleeping bags

You can easily wash your sleeping bag in a washing machine on a 30°C cycle. Just ensure that all the zippers and Velcro straps are closed before you start.

If you don’t have the above luxury, you should be able to wash it by hand (or shall we say, by foot) using a bath. Fill the bath with cold water, add a mild liquid detergent, place the bag in the water, step into the bath with bare feet, and walk up and down the bag until it’s thoroughly soaked and soapy. Then, step out of the bath, empty it and refill with cold water. Use your hands to pummel the sleeping bag in the water, aiming to rinse away the soap. Repeat these steps until you got rid of the soap. Wring the water out, and then hang the bag over a washing line until it’s thoroughly dry before putting it away. This is essential for preventing mould from establishing. And wikiHow has a very useful article on how to maintain a sleeping bag.

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Do you know that 700 perfectly-usable tents got left behind at Leeds festival 2011 according to Go Outdoors stats? Luckily, they didn’t go to waste and were given to charities and shelters for the homeless.

If you don’t intend to leave yours behind but are scared of the thought of cleaning it, don’t be! It is as simple as it can be and this piece can seriously come in handy for you.

Hiking fleeces, base layers, coats, pants and socks

Whatever camping and hiking essentials you need to clean – make sure to check their care labels before you clean them and to air dry them after.

Oh, and if you ever need an advice from experts on what’s the best and right gear for your travels, check out the Wanderlust (the multi-award winning leading magazine for adventurous people with a passion for travel) must-haves guide.

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I hope that’s mud…

Music festival wardrobe

1998 saw the invention of a new sport – mud-surfing – due to heavy rainfall at Glastonbury festival. If you are one of those mud-surfing heroes, or just happened to be caught out in the rainy event, and just returned from a music fest covered in muck, getting all your clothes back to normal is not as difficult as you may think.

We recommend to let mud stains on your clothing dry naturally first, instead of washing it straight away, thus grinding the mud deeper into the fibres of the clothes (this will also help prevent your washing machine from breaking down). Once the mud is caked on, shake or knock off clumps of it and then wash your clothes as normal.

And if you need help in getting yourself back to normality after the music fest, check our blog post about 5 steps to festival recovery.


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