How To Un-Shrink Your Clothes

o-HOW-TO-FIX-A-SHRUNKEN-SHIRT-facebookWe’ve all been there – you take your clothes out of the wash to find a shirt that for some reason doesn’t fit the way it used to. Or maybe what was once a lovely oversized jumper now looks like it belongs on an action figure? But fear no more! We’re here to show how to get your clothes back to their original size with this easy method…

What you’ll need:

  • Baby shampoo or a gentle hair conditioner
  • 1 litre of lukewarm water
  • 2 large dry towels
  • Heavy objects, such as mugs
  • A sink


This method works on any fabric, but you’ll get the best and quickest results on wools, cottons and even cashmere.

  1. Fill your sink with about a litre of lukewarm water; making sure it isn’t too hot or cold.
  2. Add your chosen baby shampoo or conditioner, you should add about one tablespoon per litre of water. Stir the mixture until it’s nice a soapy.
  3. Fully submerge your shrunken garment in the mixture and leave to soak. You should leave it for about 30 minutes. The conditioner/shampoo will allow the fibres in your clothes to relax, making it possible for you to stretch them back into the size you want.
  4. Once your 30 minutes are up, take your clothing out of the water and wring the excess water out. Don’t rinse the soap off, as you will need its help to reshape your clothing.
  5. Grab your first dry towel and roll your clothing in it. Leave this for about 10 minutes until your clothing is damp, and no longer wet. Now it’s time to stretch!
  6. Grab your other dry towel and lay your clothing our flat on top of it. Gently stretch each edge out and hold down with your heavy object (it doesn’t have to be a mug).
  7. Allow to air dry until all the moisture has left. If your clothing is still not stretched enough, simply repeat this process until you are left with your desired effect.

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