How to Stop Worrying About Chores

Everyone wants to free up more time to enjoy themselves, but doing so is never easy – mainly because so many task don’t have a definite end to them. Have you ever started cleaning your bedroom and seen how quickly chores expand from hoovering to dusting to laundry and so on? Sometimes, you just have to say enough is enough.

You can´t possibly do everything that needs doing all by yourself. In your household there are so many endless tasks that you need to take to stop and recognise it as sisphyean. You’re better off calling it done and making plans for more meaningful things.

Or, to put it another way, if there’s no finish line, where are you racing to? Even if your house is so messy you don´t know whether to clean up or call an exorcist, it can be best to step away from the problem. It can feel unusual to let the mess mount up and then pass the job on to someone else, but it´s an important skill to learn.

Remember: there are always more chores to do and no chore will ever truly be done. Don’t allow unfinished jobs at home stop you focusing on the here and now! Pass those never-ending tasks on to people with more time or reason to tackle them and spend some time focusing on the important things instead – like living your life.

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