How to Polish Shoes Like a Pro

Unless you had patient parents or spent some time in the military, looking after your leather shoes might just be confusing. Polishing your shoes goes a long way to making a good first impression, so it’s definitely worth doing on at least a semi-regular basis.

What You Need

You’ll only need a few bits and pieces, but they’re all key.

Shoe polish – Wax-based polish is best, but cream is easier to use. Pick a colour that matches your shoe.

Polishing Cloth: The best polishers are made of linen or lint free cotton.

Polishing Brush: Use a horsehair brush, if possible.

Welt Brush: Welt brushes have stiff bristles, so you can use an old toothbrush instead.

Sole Edge Dressing: Apply with a cotton wool earbud.

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How to Polish Your Shoes

Now you’ve got all of the gear, it’s time to make those shoes look as good as new.

Wipe clean

Start by wiping your shoes over with a damp cloth. This will get rid of any superficial dirt and stains, before the real work begins.

Clean the Welt

The welt, the little gap where leather upper meets sole, is your first point of call. Take a wet welt brush (or toothbrush) and clean out all of the grime and grit.

Apply Edge Dressing

Careful with this, if you get it on the leather it’ll stain permanently. Let the dressing dry before going any further, to make sure you don’t smear it on the rest of the shoe.


Apply polish to the shoe using a circular rubbing motion. You don’t have to be gentle and the more you rub the polish in, the better. After this, let the polish dry.

Buff the shoe with a polishing brush.

Finally, buff the entire shoe with your polishing brush. For the best results balance the shoe between your knees and go at the toe enthusiastically with your lint-free cloth.

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