Top tips on how to organize your closet by season

Whether you’re having a clothing cull or getting ready for summer, organising your closet seasonally revamps your wardrobe

Empty it out

If you’re wondering how to organise your closet by season, the first step is super simple: take everything out of your wardrobe and lay it out on the floor or bed. Now you can see all your clothes. Trying to organise while your clothes are still in situ can be awkward – and you could miss neglected items squirrelled away at the back.

Tip: If you have a huge closet, try tackling your reorganisation in sections or stages: take pics as you sort through your clothes to keep track.

Get sorted

To organise your wardrobe, consider the space you have available vs. the clothes you’ll need for the coming season. Think of occasions, likely weather conditions and everyday staples. Now compare the clothes to the space available: if it’s a squeeze, you could be more ruthless with the charity shop pile – or consider alternative storage solutions.

Tip: If you have a tiny closet, consider a wall mounted clothes rail for jackets and separates – it saves space, and having clothes on display can inspire your styling.


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Seasonal savvy

Struggling to decide which clothes to include in your summer/winter wardrobe? Lightweight materials (cotton, silk, linen, etc.) are great for spring and summer; wool, denim, polyester and corduroy work well in winter. Lighter, brighter colours are perfect for the warmer months; choose darker shades for when it’s cold and grey.

Tip: Pop the pieces you’re not sure about on a ‘maybe’ pile; then play around with them, mixing and matching to see if they could be ‘styled-up’ for the season.

Smart storage

There are brilliant seasonal clothes storage ideas if you’re short on space. You could store summer tops on shower rings and suspend them from one clothes hanger; keep trousers and tees in canvas tote bags; use S-hooks instead of hangers for jeans; or install a shelf above your bedroom door for shoes and accessories.

Tip: The best way to organise your closet seasonally is by cleverly packing away clothes you won’t need for the next few months – try vintage suitcases (that could double-up as a cool bedside table), or canvas drawers under your bed.

Closet care

With your closet neatly arranged, taking care of your clothes is crucial: when they’re fresh and ready to wear, it’s easier to keep a working wardrobe organised.

Tip: A speedy, high-quality laundry service keeps your wardrobe clean, tidy and efficient. Laundrapp will wash your seasonal staples at 30C, dry, fold and return to your door.


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