How to Iron without an Iron

Does a pile of ironing fill you with dread? Cheat the heat by trying these tips for crease-free clothes without an iron.


Steamy shower

Need to know how to iron without an iron? Step into the shower. Hanging your freshly washed clothes in the bathroom while you’re running hot water (making sure the doors and windows of the bathroom are closed) can help to de-crease.


woman hanging clothes


Tumble iron

When you need pristine clothes with no ironing board in sight, pop your pieces in the tumble dryer. Even on a low heat, a dryer helps to smooth out creases – if they’re already dry, spray your clothes with water first to aid the process. If you don’t have a dryer, there are some fab hacks to dry your clothes quickly.


Man putting clothes in dryer


Line dry with military precision

If you chuck your clothes onto the line without much care, it’s unlikely you’ll be collecting pristine dresses and trousers once they’re dry. Smooth clothes out before you peg them, and try to hang them – taut, without stretching the fabric – in a position that preserves their shape. 


Baby clothes hanging


Emergency iron

If you want to de-crease clothes fast – and to iron without iron – a quick blast with a hairdryer and straightener can help to release folds and crumples. This works best with small and light items, and thin fabric.


Man holding straightener


Press play

Of all the ways to iron without an iron, literally pressing your clothes can actually be fun, as well as effective. You could either smooth them out and lay them flat under your mattress (then you have the perfect excuse to lie down for half an hour), or roll them tightly and put them under a heavy object, such as a stack of books or magazines.


Jeans pressed on white background


Hang well

Bad hanging in a wardrobe – or messy folding in a drawer – is a surefire way to encourage creases – not great if you’re trying to swerve the ironing! Always arrange your clothes neatly on the hanger and make sure they hang freely, rather than being bunched up; overfilling drawers or wardrobes leads to unwanted creases and crumples.


wardrobe hanging clothes


Delegate your ironing

If you really can’t stand ironing, you could turn to an affordable, professional laundry service.

Laundrapp’s dedicated team of ironing pros will collect your laundry, iron it using professional methods and return it to your door, beautifully hung or folded. You can count on crisp, crease-free results with every order.


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Johanna Payton

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