How to fold clothes for travel

Forget creased shirts and crumpled dresses – these tips will help you arrive at your destination with a pristine wardrobe.

Travel Smart

Whether you’re holidaying, visiting family or taking a business trip, knowing how to fold clothes for travel is a handy life skill.

The first crucial step is to only pack what you really need: however well you fold your clothes, there’s a chance they’ll crease if you overfill a suitcase. Before you even start to pack, make a simple list or table with the dates you’re away and the likely activities you’ll be taking part in. Now plan your outfits, writing them onto the list. Once you’ve packed, close the case and consider the job done: even if you’ve made a stellar job of folding clothes for travel, cramming in last-minute extras – ‘just in case’ – is where your careful organisation could come undone.

Packing prep starts with a list of what you’ll be doing to determine what you’ll actually need.

Fold, vacuum pack or roll?

When you’re looking for the best way to fold clothes for travel, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some clothes – such as shirts – travel best if they are carefully folded and packed in the top layer of your case; t-shirts may take up less space, and travel with less creases, if they are tightly rolled on a lower layer (practice the so-called ‘military roll’ to achieve perfection). Packing cubes can be really useful for smaller items, like underwear, to keep them organised; and vacuum packs are brilliant if you’re taking larger items, such as maxi dresses or knitwear.


Rolling t-shirts can make space for larger items and create less creases as a bonus!

Expert shirt folding

Shirts are the trickiest piece of clothing to take away – but there’s a top technique. When folding shirts for travel, make sure they are buttoned up first and lay them flat – face down – on a clean surface, smoothing out any creases. Fold each sleeve in horizontally, crossing the cuffs over the middle of the back, without folding in the side seams. Now fold in the sides – including the side seams – so they meet in the middle: this should create a V-shape just below the collar. Now fold in half lengthwise and the shirt is ready to pack (you can fold lengthwise again if you have a smaller case).

Packing shirts for travel.

Leave it to the experts

If you’re worried about your folding prowess, a savvy way to approach your packing is to use a laundry service before you travel so everything from your shirts to your casualwear is suitcase ready. Laundrapp offers a Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold, so your capsule wardrobe will be fresh, clean and delivered to your door – ready to pop straight into your travel bag.


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