Top Tips: How to dress professionally in hot weather

Extreme weather is on the rise – so how do you look smart and keep cool?


Keeping your cool

When the temperature’s going up, and you’re stuck on a packed commuter train or trapped in a meeting with unreliable air conditioning, it’s understandable to wonder how to dress professionally in hot weather. Thanks to modern technology, and a huge choice of styles and fabrics on the market, there are plenty of options that look smart, but offer high performance in hot temperatures.


Linen Shirts hanging on rack

Linen in all forms is a summer essential.


Be flexible

Heatwaves are becoming more common in the UK, so it makes sense to create a capsule wardrobe of smart clothes for hot weather that you can turn to when the mercury rises: five heatwave-friendly outfits for each working day of the week should keep you covered. If you prefer to be more flexible, choose work clothes for hot weather that can be layered – and will still look and feel good when the weather is cooler.


Pink clothes for woman outfit

It’s all about layers – mix and match to achieve your all year round wardrobe.


Be textile savvy

Understanding which fabrics keep you cool is the key to looking smart in summer. Cotton is the most obvious choice: it wears well and keeps you cool by absorbing and removing the body moisture caused by sweat (also known as the wicking process). Linen, loose-fitting denim and muslin are other fashion choices worth considering when you’re facing a sticky day at your desk. If you’ll be spending any time outside, at lunch or on the commute, lighter colours will limit your sweltering.


Women summer clothes hanging on rack

A collection of neutral summer clothes.


Be neutral

If you’re choosing work dresses for hot weather, beware ditsy prints and summer florals. Lovely as they are for garden parties and summer barbecues, they can tone down your professional edge: the same goes for work shirts. Look for solid, but light, neutral colours and pair with a light cotton jacket. Unless you work in a super-casual environment, minis and strappy dresses are not a professional choice: but if you want to change-up your silhouette in summer, tailored shorts are a great choice.


Fashin designer working in studio

A pop of colour can make any outfit feel summery!.



Be futuristic

As fashion tech advances, look out for a whole new generation of smart wear including self-cooling shirts. UNIQLO’s AIRism innerwear range is already available:  a breathable, moisture wicking layer, it helps you stay cool when the weather’s hot.


Uniqlo Shop with Airsm collection

UNIQLO’s AIRsm range is the perfect choice for the heat


Be prepared

Whatever you wear, in extreme weather your clothes may need cleaning more frequently than usual. If you’re a busy professional, turn to a trusted laundry service to keep your work wardrobe running smoothly. In case you work long hours, Laundrapp can even collect from, and deliver your laundry to the office.


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