How to Dress like Don Draper

Mad Men may be over, but the hit TV show has inspired a lasting legacy in advertising legend Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm – whose uniquely stylish look has inadvertently inspired a new generation to look at the 1960’s for fashion inspiration.

Draper’s way of dressing embodies a period of history when men and women never appeared in public without being polished and presentable. We’re always trying to aid today’s stylish man, so we’ve pulled together the key features of Don’s look to help inspire your own Mad Men look.

Don’s staple style is the classic American suit. His suits aren’t very distinctive which is why we think they’re perfect – people should notice how good you look in the suit but not anything specific about the suit itself. The details are still important, however…


How to Dress like Don Draper

1 – Lapels

Draper’s simple, American-style suits often feature slim-line, notched lapels with a single buttonhole on the left-hand side. Traditionally the buttonhole in the lapel is used for holding a flower or decorative accessory – but Don Draper is too severe and suave for that, so keep your lapel simple.

2 – Breast Pocket

Pocket squares come in a variety of colours, sizes and folds, but again Don Draper is a man who knows the value of simplicity in style. A single, straight-edge white handkerchief is his hallmark, which sets him apart as more sophisticated than his more garish colleagues.

3 – Blazer

Jon Hamm’s body type is slim but powerful – which is ideally suited to a single-breasted, slim cut jacket coupled with a crisp white shirt and plain, skinny tie. The overall effect of this combination is to accentuate his height, making him appear taller and more imposing.

4 – Pockets

It wouldn’t be fitting for a Madison Avenue power-dresser like Draper to wear anything other than an American-style suit. As a result, Draper’s blazer has only two pockets, foregoing the ticket pocket and pocket-watch button of traditional English styles.

5 – Colour

A serious man by nature, Draper’s suit blend similar shades to provide variety without losing the effect of a single, imposing colour. Draper has tried a variety of colours and styles over the course of the show, but his trademark is a deep, dark gray.

6 – Cuffs

The style may be American, but when it comes to suit cuffs Don Draper’s taste is strictly French. In addition to ‘Kissing Buttons’ which touch without overlapping, Draper wears perfectly fitting shirts that extend a centimeter past the suit and are fasted with simple, slick cufflinks.

Whatever style you choose to wear – or where you choose to wear it – one thing Mad Men’s Don Draper makes very clear is that it pays to keep it simple. Don’s immaculate presentation is what gives him true swagger.

Whether you’re dressing for the 1960’s or the 2010’s, projecting confidence is always a easier when you feel great about the clothes you wear.