Half-Term: How to Care for School Uniforms


Whether your kids wear shirts and blazers or t-shirts and jumpers, there’s no doubt that they’ll decorate their school uniform with stains on a regular basis. Grass stains, ink spots, school dinners – part of the magic of childhood is the ability to conjure messiness from the thin air around them.

School uniforms can be expensive though, so it’s important to take good care of them unless you want to buy new clothes every other term. Thankfully, our laundry experts have seen all sorts of stains and have plenty of advice if you want to continue taking pride in your children’s appearance.

Be Careful with Embroidery

Sewing names into your kids’ uniforms can be a hassle, so it’s worth taking extra care with jumpers and blazers to make sure the nametags don’t tear off. The same holds true for badges and embroidered emblems too, which can fall prey to the same wear and tear over time.

If you’ve sewn the nametags inside the clothes then it’s easy to stop them becoming frayed – just wash them inside out to stop them catching in your washing machine. If you’ve got embroidery on the outside too then protect clothes in an empty pillowcase or net bag before washing.

Strengthen Blazer Buttons

There are still plenty of school which ask children to turn up for lessons dressed as miniature businesspeople, which can be troublesome as blazers are often the most expensive part of a school uniform. That’s why it’s worth taking extra special care, as they can be costly to repair or replace.

One lesser-known tip that we like to use is to paint a drop of clear nail polish over the top of blazer buttons. It adds an extra layer of protection that can stop the button itself getting scratched but, more importantly, also strengthens the threads that hold it on. No more sewing!

Clean Grass and Mud Stains

We’re not sure which evil genius decided school uniforms should involve white shirts and long trousers, but most young children can’t seem to go for two minutes without staining their knees or falling in the mud. The result? Many households have a washing machine that never stops spinning.

Thankfully, there’s a better solution than endless spin cycles and noise. Instead, rub a little laundry detergent directly into the stain and soak that spot – not the whole garment – in cold water overnight. If there’s a mark left in the morning, give it a normal machine wash to finish up.

Dry Clean Blazers Quarterly

A lot of school uniform blazers claim to be machine washable thanks to fabrics such as polyester, which is tougher than materials you’d usually see in an adult’s blazer. What the care label doesn’t tell you though is that repeated machine washes will ruin the fabric and shape of the jacket.

Instead, machine wash blazers only if there’s no other choice and leave it to a professional dry cleaner to refresh the garment once every quarter or at the end of each school term. Use Laundrapp and we’ll collect and deliver so you won’t even have to take it to the dry cleaners!