Goodbye Floordrobe: Declutter Your Wardrobe


Whether you’re embracing minimalism, having a spring clean or you just want to give some clothes to charity, clearing out your wardrobe is definitely a worthwhile activity. Not only does it give you chance to finally throw away your most obnoxious fashion disasters, it’s also a great excuse to buy new clothes afterwards.

But where to start? If your wardrobe has turned into a floordrobe then tidying things up can be an intimidating task. Not to worry though – our laundry experts have found and restored plenty of clothes found at the back of their wardrobes recently. Here are their best tips to stop your clothes tumbling through into Narnia…

Empty Your Wardrobe

According to the fashion experts at California Closets most people only wear 20% of the clothes on a regular basis – everything else is reserved for special occasions, doesn’t fit or has gone out of style. Nothing will make you feel that statistic more than taking your clothes out, one by one. If you’re anything like us then you’ll rediscover plenty of unwanted gifts and ill-fitting jumpers!

Sort Your Clothes

Next, sort everything into three piles – we’ll call them Keep, Maybe and Bin. Some decluttering guides tell you to be ruthless here, but our advice is to be coolly logical instead. Anything you’ve worn in the last month should go immediately in the Keep pile, while everything you’ve not worn in six months goes in the Bin pile. Anything in-between is a Maybe.

Store Clothes Elsewhere

Now, let the experts take over. Take your Bin pile to your local charity shop, then put the Maybe pile into storage. We recommend LOVESPACE, who offer by-the-box storage and a collection and delivery service. Putting clothes in storage means they’ll be available, but out of sight. Give it a month and, if you haven’t taken anything out, add your Maybes to the Bin pile too.

Put Clothes Away Neatly

Now that you’ve trimmed your wardrobe down to just the clothes you actually wear, it’s time to put everything away neatly and make sure you don’t end up with a mess again. Our advice? Put everything on hangers, position your favourite clothes at the back and make sure your laundry basket doesn’t end up spilling over onto the floor again. Nobody said being tidy was easy!

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