Four Essential Laundry Tips for New Parents

Household chores are hard enough when you’re just looking after yourself, but when you add a baby into the mix things can get even more chaotic. It’s tempting and totally understandable to let most household chores slide down your list of priorities while you’re caring for your first miniature monarch.

Laundry is something you need to stay on top of, however. It’s OK if everything else gets a little scruffy, but babies have a habit of needing clean clothes every few minutes – meaning you’ll drown in dirty bibs unless you stay on top of things. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to help you keep up in your war against baby laundry…


persil-nonbioUse a Baby-Friendly Detergent

The problem with babies is they have baby-soft, baby-sensitive skin that can be easily irritated, so stick to a detergent free of harsher chemicals, dyes and perfumes. This rules out a lot of the own-brand supermarket detergents, but you should be able to find a new brand that’ll work for you and the little one – Persil Non-Bio can be a good place to start. Ideally you want to stick to a baby-friendly fabric conditioner too.


purex-bleach-colorsHow to Wash Away Poop Stains

We always advocate treating stains as soon as possible, but this is especially true when it comes to vomit or baby poop. Both are water soluble, so an immediate rinse will help a proper wash lift the stains out later on, but we recommend a pre-treatment too. Fill a basin with water, add a few spoons of detergent, splash in some colour safe bleach and let your clothes soak f  or thirty minutes before washing. Don’t put anything in the tumble dryer until you’re happy the stain is gone.


vanish-stain-removal-sprayPre-treat Stains on the Go

Dealing with stains at home is one thing, but doing it on the go is another thing entirely. If you can’t rinse clothes immediately then you need to find another way to deal with stains before they set into the fabric for good. Thankfully it’s easy to pre-treat stains before you toss clothes in the basket – just carry some stain remover in that huge bag of baby stuff you’re now expected to haul from place to place. Vanish Pre-wash Stain Remover works a treat.


comfort-pure-baby-safeWash Before You Wear

When you buy new clothes for yourself or your baby, make sure you give them a wash before you wear them the first time. New clothes may have that lovely new-clothes smell, but they often have new-clothes chemicals in them too – and those can be a big pain for babies. Again, it’s important to wash them in baby-safe detergent and fabric conditioner, otherwise you’re just replacing one problem with another!