Fashion Advice for Young Professionals

If you’re leaving university and heading to office life for the first time then we shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s time to swap your ripped jeans and lived-in t-shirts for some slacks and shirts. But do you know about common officewear pratfalls, like doing up the bottom button on a suit jacket?

There are all sorts of tricks to looking good in the office, but don’t worry – we’re here to help…


sleeveIll-fitting clothes

Your oversized t-shirts are fine most of the time – but not in the office. Workwear should be appropriate and, most of all, well-fitting. Not too tight, not too small. If your trousers are halfway up your shins there’s only one thing to do.


tieThe Tie Conundrum

Having your tie too short or too long can be disastrous, but luckily it’s one of the easiest problems to fix. Is your tie touching the top of your belt buckle? If not, you’re doing it wrong. Try again and keep trying until it covers every single button on your shirtfront.



Novelty Clothes

Christmas jumpers, Hawaiian shirts and tie-dye bandanas? No. There’s a time and place for everything and exceptions to every rule, but your time as a grown-up will go a lot more smoothly if you leave you singing reindeer ties at home. Or in the bin.


stain Stained Clothes

This one should be obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. Stains in the office should be a big no-no, so grab something fresh. Better yet, why not get fresh shirts sent straight to the office? We hear there’s a really great app for that!


Tired of ironing shirts or shrinking your jumpers? There’s an easier way to look good in the office – just download Laundrapp or order your laundry online and let us take care of your clothes for you!