Choose the Right Shirt Collar for Your Face Shape


Want to make sure you always look your best when you’re in the office, or out for a special occasion? Then it’s important to make sure you pay attention to the little things – because nothing else has such a massive impact on your appearance than a well-chosen pocket square or an unsightly stain on your lapel. Get details like your shirt collar right and it’ll elevate your suit to a new level of gentlemanly style; get them wrong and you’ll look like a pretender.

Luckily, choosing the right sort of shirt collar is as easy as looking in the mirror and matching your shirts to the shape of your face. It’s all about using the line of the shirt collar to help strengthen your best, most attractive features – check our tips below for more details on choosing a shirt to match your face shape.

What Shirt to wear if you have a Round Face

Rounder faces types are nearly always best suited to longer, narrow shirt collars or button-down collars, as the extra collar length makes your neck appear longer and strengthens your cheekbones. Even if you lead an incredibly active lifestyle then a rounder face shape can still make your cheeks appear fuller, but narrow collars reduce this and provide a quick slimming effect.

What Shirt to wear if you have a Thin Face

Whether you have a pointed chin and angular cheekbones like David Beckham or a more gently narrow face like Adam Levine, thinner face types will always look best with a wide-spread collar. The effect is such that it makes your face seem broader, strengthening your jawline so that your best features stand out. Take this look to the next level with a Windsor knot tie, if you’re feeling bold.

What Shirt to wear if you have an Oval Face

If you’ve been blessed with the wide cheekbones and soft chin of Hollywood A-listers such as Will Smith then you can pretty much choose whichever shirt you want, as your medium face shape will suit either narrow or broad collars. Our recommendation though is to jump on preppy fashion trends and opt for a medium, button-down collar to create a bold and striking profile.

Of course, there’s more to getting the perfect shirt style than just choosing the right collar for your face type. And there’s more to choosing the right style than just wearing the right shirt too – but the good news is that style is a personal thing and a well-laundered shirt always looks good on anyone.

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