9 Things You Do When Avoiding Laundry


laundry out of washing machine

Laundry day, it’s a killer. We all know it has to be done, but it’s an absolute nightmare. For some it’s a menial chore but for the rest of us, well, we’ve mustered an unspeakable hatred.

1. You’ve tried every trick in the book

Granted, nobody likes doing the laundry, but you’ve taken your hatred to a whole new level. You’ve re-worn the same outfit for the past week, ‘accidentally’ thrown your dirty clothes behind the wardrobe and you’ve started Frebreezing your clothes and yourself, hoping nobody notices the stench radiating off you.

2. Many reminders later..

so much laundry

You’ve set yourself about 17, but still the job doesn’t get done – funny that? You’re either a lost cause or a procrastinating genius.

3. You try your hardest to stay clean

You’re praying that extra shower before work will do the trick but that might not be enough. So, you slap on an extra layer of deodorant and keep tissues under your pits to avoid sweating.

4. Baring all


Quite literally – you’ve let things get so bad that you’ve run out of underwear. You’ve got a few options; buy new underwear, go commando or *takes deep breath* you could actually do some laundry.

5. The last sock

You know exactly what I’m talking about! You’ve gone a good two weeks without doing the laundry and now you only have one sock left in your possession. Hold onto that sock for dear life.

6. Going home

When times get tough you know you can always rely on your parents. Home cooked meals, central heating and fresh laundry. What more could you possibly need.

7. You fantasise about fresh bed sheets

Hands down, there is NOTHING better than fresh bed sheets, the comfort and nights rest is blissful. Unfortunately, yours haven’t been washed in the last month, so you’ll have to make do with the fantasy.

8. You look at the long game

Washing your clothes is only half the battle, the real trauma happens when you realise you then have to dry and then fold everything. Good luck!

9. You finally reach breaking point


You’ve run out of everything and the situation is escalating quickly, before you know it you’re standing in front of your laundry sobbing hysterically – and that’s when you know it’s time to do your laundry.

Admit it, you totally relate! And with the weather picking up, the desire to do laundry becomes less frequent. With that in mind, we’ve shared our favourite autumn/winter boots for men, that have the perfect balance of style and comfort.



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Words by Natalie Gomez