9 Laundry Photos That’ll Make You Question Life

1. Laundry spotter

binocular v3

It’s easier than trains I guess


2. Feline fun

cat v3

Paw thing


3. The mistake

ironLegs v3



4. Bright idea

lightbulbHead v3

Yeah… I don’t get it either


5. This guy…

man v3

has made poor life choices


6. Getting ready for the holidays

santa v3

Santa wants a washing machine this year


7. Squirrel

squirrel v3

A squirrel with a dress? That’s nuts!


8. Workaholic

roadIron v3

Some people just don’t know when to stop


9. Laundry drama

womanMad v2

What do you mean that’s not how you wash cashmere?!

So there you have it, some of the weirdest laundry pictures out there.  You’ll probably never be the same again.

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Words by Matt Starr