8 Stain Removers You Didn’t Know Were Hidden In Your House

Even as an adult barely a week goes past when we don’t accidentally smear something gross over our clothes. Whether it’s grease from a bicycle chain or pasta sauce from lunch, we’re all used to the routine of tossing clothes into the washing machine in a panic and hoping the stains come out at the other end.

Results vary.

But what if we told you your house is probably full of items with magic stain-removing powers? You would gasp with amazement, right?

It turns out people have been reappropriating household items to get rid of tough stains for years. Here are some of the best stain removers:


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an excellent bleaching agent. Just squeeze some lemon juice directly on the affected area and leave it out in the sun for a short while. After a couple of hours wash the clothes normally and the stain will be history.

For really severe stains you can also use bleach, but that’s very much the nuclear option so do take care.



If you’ve got dirt or even pen on a leather bag you can get hold of a simple rubber and just rub the marks off. This is really only for minor stains, if you find your bag covered in marks you might need to work over the entire bag to get it to look decent again.


Baby Powder

Not just for babies, baby powder does a number on oily stains. All you have to do is sprinkle the powder over your stain and wait for the oil to be soaked up by the powder. This’ll bring the stain to the surface and it’ll be much easier to remove.


White Wine

“Pour white wine over a red wine spill” is an old adage, but a good one. Red wine is a real headache if it stains, so your best bet is to immediately douse the affected area in white wine and cross your fingers.



This’ll work wonders on a variety of stains: grease stains, crayons, lipstick. The only caveat is that you really don’t want to use this on silk as it could have an adverse affect.


Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is actually just whipped soap so it does a number on pretty much any stains. It may not be the most powerful thing out there, but it’s relatively safe – again, it’s just whipped soap so you shouldn’t feel bad about giving it a try on a tough stain.



Ink stains? You need milk. A soak in milk overnight will usually loosen the stain up, then just wash the item the next day to get rid of the stain and that “just spent all night laying in a bowl of milk” smell.



A sneaky inclusion here, but pouring white wine, bleach or WD-40 over your clothes is bound to make you a bit nervous. Try using a soft brushed nylon toothbrush to scrub at stains and occasionally applying the relevant stain remover.