6 Washing Tips for the Young Professional

The hardest part about finishing university and moving into your single-room big city shoebox has to be sorting out the laundry. Finding a schedule to sort out washing and then finding a place in your tiny digs to hang it out to dry. Before you know it, you’re dealing with dilemmas like “How do I get these week old curry stains out of my shirt?”

So, you’re on your own and the laundry won’t do itself. Well, if you’re determined to go with an old-fashioned option and don’t want us to do your laundry for you, then here are our tips.


Separate Your Light and Dark Clothes

This might seem like basic stuff, but you need to start right. Look for two laundry bags that won’t hold too much. You’re looking for a bag that’ll carry about 2 loads full of laundry, maximum.

Designate one of these to be for your light clothes and one for your dark clothes. When either bag fills up you know you’ll only need to do two loads to clear everything up, and by washing lights and darks seperately you’re not going to be discolouring your light clothes.  



Again, it seems basic but this’ll save you heartache later. When dark clothes go into their washing basket turn them inside out to help prevent fading. Similarly if you put something into the wash with pockets empty out the pockets at the point they go into the washing basket to avoid having to go through 20 pairs of jeans on washing day.


Treat Stains As A Priority

Stains happen, it’s part of life. Whether it’s spilled coffee from a morning meeting or pasta sauce from a meal out, you need to take care of it as soon as possible.

Before you chuck the offending item into your laundry basket you should apply a stain remover or liquid detergent to the stain and with a bit of luck your clothes will escape unscathed.


Read The Labels

Guilty as charged on this one, but everything you need to know to get your clothes clean is written on the little label inside your clothes: recommended washing temperatures, instructions for drying, ironing and general care.

Everything to wash your clothes properly is on these labels and stopping to read the instructions can be more cost effective than trashing your favourite t-shirt because you tumble dried it at the wrong heat.


The Dry Towel Technique

This ones simple but golden: If you need to tumble dry something in a hurry for a hot date or big day at work, chuck a dry towel in with the wet items. The towel will soak up the excess water and your clothes will dry quicker.


Don’t Be Afraid To Go Nuclear

Sometimes the laundry gets away from you and you need to go to panic stations to make sure everything gets done.

Don’t feel ashamed at being overwhelmed. Around a social life, full time job and all the other chores you’ve got to do, it’s okay to slip up. You could opt to get a few loads of washing done with Laundrapp, or you can dedicate a day to ploughing through and getting as much as possible done. These days aren’t necessarily fun, running to a washing machine on the hour to change loads.